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How to Upgrade to Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PS5

Here’s the simple way to upgrade your original Death Stranding on PS4 to the shiny new PS5 Director’s Cut.

Kojima fans across the world have been eagerly awaiting his next new game. However, Sony has treated them to even more Death Stranding content in the form of a new Director’s Cut of the game.

This includes loads of new missions, an expanded story, new areas to explore, and a whole lot more. Plus, there will be loads of improvements, thanks to the PS5 hardware.

Find out all of the new content coming to the Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

What’s even better for existing fans of Death stranding is that they can upgrade to the Director’s Cut for a heavily discounted price. Here is how you can upgrade and get access to all of the new content.

Death Stranding Director's Cut

How to Upgrade to Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PS4

Sony has now started releasing new expanded versions of some of their best exclusive games, and even better, they allow players who have the original game to upgrade to the expanded version for a small cost. Find out how to upgrade to the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PS4 and PS5.

Players who own either the disc or digital version of Death Stranding on PS4 can upgrade to the PS5 Director’s Cut on the PlayStation Store for just $10. Although, gamers who own the physical version will have to insert the disc every time they want to play.

Additionally, this will also upgrade you to the Digital Deluxe edition, which has extra content, including Avatars, a soundtrack, and in-game items.

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Will you be upgrading your Death Stranding to the Director’s Cut? It might fill the gap for another big PlayStation exclusive game to release.

Rumors suggest that Horizon Forbidden West may not come out in 2021 after all. Meanwhile, Sony has confirmed that God of War Ragnarok has been delayed even further.

How to Upgrade to Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PS5

Meanwhile, expect some huge Sony announcements soon. Not only is PlayStation State of Play 2021 happening this Summer, but also a huge PSX event could be coming soon.

These will likely have even more Horizon Forbidden West gameplay, alongside the Death Stranding Director’s Cut. If we are lucky we might even see the heavily-rumored Uncharted 5 and The Last of Us remake.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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