Weapon Tuning is a brand new feature in MW2, and it allows an unprecedented amount of customization of your weapons. But how do you unlock and access it?

Customizing your weapons to your exact specifications is a huge part of the Modern Warfare 2 experience. You can make really impressive loadouts thanks to the varied customization options in MW2.

By using Weapon Tuning, you can take this degree of customization to the next level. However, there are a few things you need to do first before you can get started.

How to Unlock Weapon Tuning in MW2

To unlock Weapon Tuning for a compatible weapon, you’ll need to get that weapon to max level. Each weapon’s max level is different, but you can track its progress to see how far you’ve got left.

If you want to track a weapon’s progress and see how far off its max level you are, then you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head to Weapons and select Multiplayer Loadout
  • Choose the weapon you want to track
  • Select it and then click on Gunsmith
  • Once inside the Gunsmith, press Touchpad (PlayStation), Menu Button (Xbox) or click on the weapon’s platform on the left (PC)
  • Then press X (PlayStation), A (Xbox) or click on See Track (PC)
  • This will open up the progression line for that gun, and if you scroll to the end, you’ll see its max level

You’ll need to know how to level up your weapons fast in MW2 to reach max level quickly and access Weapon Tuning.

the M4 level 20 reward screen
The M4 track screen showing the level 20 Weapon Tuning reward

How to Use Weapon Tuning in MW2

To use Weapon Tuning in MW2, head into the Gunsmith for a compatible weapon, select any attachment, and tune it to the specifications you want.

Here is every step you need to take in order to use Weapon Tuning:

  • Head to Weapons and select Multiplayer Loadout
  • Choose the weapon you want to track
  • Select it and then click on Gunsmith
  • Find the attachment you want to tune and then select Tune
  • Once you’re in the Weapon Tuning section, use the Left Thumbstick (or the mouse on PC) to move either toggle
  • You will see the center graph morph depending on which aspect you increase or decrease

While the statistics of your gun will only increase or decrease in small increments, you will absolutely feel the effects while playing.

the Weapon Tuning graph in MW2
The Weapon Tuning graph for the Corio Precio Factory Stock on the M4

What Is Weapon Tuning in MW2?

Weapon Tuning is another way of increasing and decreasing the values of specific aspects of a gun. For example, it allows you to tweak how much recoil control you have over your weapon.

Each attachment on your gun can be tuned to perfection, with each one allowing you to customize certain attributes. The attributes you can tune with Weapon Tuning are:

  • Handling
    •  Handling deals with the reload speed of your gun as well as weapon switching. Having higher values in Handling means you’ll reload and switch weapons faster
  • Damage 
    • The damage attribute deals with how much damage each shot will make against an opponent. Obviously, the higher the stat, the more damage you’ll do
  • Fire Rate 
    • Fire rate means the speed at which you’ll fire your gun with weapons like SMGs and Assault Rifles tending to have much higher rates. The quicker you can unload a clip, the faster you’ll down an opponent, so having a higher fire rate is always good
  • Mobility 
    • Mobility affects the player’s speed when moving around. Obviously, the higher your mobility, the quicker you’ll be able to move and escape challenging fights
  • Range 
    • Range, quite simply, is the distance at which your gun can hit targets. Shotguns, for example, tend to have a shorter range which makes them less effective at long-range combat
  • Recoil Control 
    • Recoil Control is how much your weapon shakes and moves when firing. If you have high recoil, your gun will shake all over the place when you shoot it. Having a lower recoil control will allow you to shoot far more precisely
  • Accuracy 
    • Accuracy determines how well you fire from the hip. Hip firing is traditionally inaccurate, as it will randomly spray bullets at the target in front of you. Increasing your accuracy makes hip firing far more efficient and a more viable tactic in combat
  • ADS Speed 
    • ADS Speed determines how fast you can aim down sights. Essentially, it means how quickly you’ll be able to switch from hip firing to aiming. You’ll want this to be fast, as reaction times are everything in a MW2 match
  • Aim Walking Speed 
    • Aim Walking Speed deals with the speed at which you move while aiming down sights. The higher your Aim Walking Speed, the quicker you’ll move while aiming
  • Aim Idle Stability
    • Aim Idle Stability affects how stable your aiming is while you’re not moving. If you have a low Aim Idle Stability, your gun will wobble a lot more as you try and aim at a target
the M4 loadout in MW2

You can tune practically every unlockable gun in MW2 to your liking so long as you level it up enough. So, don’t worry, you’ll be able to customize your favorite weapon.

Additionally, by completing the story mode, you will unlock every MW2 campaign exclusive reward including Double Weapon XP Tokens which will help you reach the Weapon Tuning unlock quicker.

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