MW2 has a number of fantastic Killstreaks, however, by far the best is the SAE. Unlocking it and activating it in a match isn’t easy though, but fortunately, we’ve here to tell you how to do it.

Of course, if you’re getting enough kills to use the SAE Killstreak, then it might be worth knowing how to check your KD ratio in MW2. That way you can see just how devastating this Killstreak can be.

How to Activate the SAE Killstreak in MW2

To use the SAE Killstreak in MW2, you need to get 7 kills or 875 points without dying, and then you activate it. It may be a challenge for some, but absolutely worth it, as the SAE Killstreak is devastating.

If you know how to unlock custom Loadouts, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble. With a decent loadout equipped, you should be able to take down most enemies with ease.

Just follow these steps to activate the SAE Killstreak:

  • First, get seven consecutive kills in a match
    • If you die, your Killstreak score will reset. You will need to get all seven kills within one life in order to unlock the SAE Killstreak
  • Once you’ve unlocked it, select it by pressing Right on the D-Pad (PS & Xbox) or 5 (PC)
  • If you’ve not used any of your other Killstreaks, you’ll need to bring up the radial menu on consoles
    • To do this, simply hold down Right on the D-Pad and select the SAE in the radial menu. It will still be 5 on PC, so you won’t need to use a radial menu on that platform
  • You will bring up a tablet which will show you the map
  • Select three targets by pressing X or R2 (PlayStation), A or R2 (Xbox), or Left Click (PC)
  • It will then activate and fire missiles at the three targets you’ve selected
the radial menu for Killstreaks in MW2

How to Use the SAE Killstreak in MW2

There are a number of tactics you should use when activating the SAE Killstreak in MW2. These can include using it to cover your back, targeting high points of interest, and more.

Of course, there are times when you shouldn’t use it, such as when enemies are in buildings or in cover. So, to use the SAE Killstreak effectively, follow these tactics:

  • Try and target points of interest on the map (areas where enemies tend to gather the most)
  • Use it in conjunction with a UAV to see clearly where enemies are hiding
  • If you place all three targets in a line behind you, you can effectively use it as a shield as you retreat
  • Avoid targeting buildings or areas where enemies could evade the missile strike (buildings are the white blocks visible on the map)
  • If your enemies are scattered across the map, or you’re unsure of where they are, spread your targets out to cover as much ground as possible
someone using the SAE Killstreak in MW2

What Is the SAE Killstreak in MW2?

The SAE is a seven-kill Killstreak that, when activated, allows players to target three locations across the map and bombard them with missiles.

It is an extremely powerful Killstreak which is why players will need to get so many kills to unlock it. Fortunately, it’s unlocked from the moment you start playing MW2, so you won’t need to grind for it.

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