Battle Rage in MW3 is one of the best ways to regenerate health, and many players are starting to equip it on their loadouts.

Previously, Battle Rage was a Field Upgrade in MW2, but it has now been repackaged as a Tactical Equipment and is very powerful.

If you are wondering how to unlock it and use it so you can join the rest of the player base in using its ability, look no further as we dive into all the details.

How to Unlock Battle Rage in MW3 Beta

To unlock Battle Rage in the MW3 Beta, you must reach Level 11. Once you hit this level, you will have the ability to equip this Tactical to your loadout.

When you have acquired Battle Rage, you will have access to one of the most powerful items in the game. This piece of equipment will give you:

  • Faster health regeneration.
  • Resistance to enemy Tactical Equipment.
  • A constantly refreshed Tactical Sprint.
battle rage in mw3

How to Use Battle Rage in MW3 Beta

To use Battle Rage in the MW3 Beta, you must press:

  • PlayStation: L1
  • Xbox: LB
  • PC: Q

This will use up your Battle Rage Tactical equipment with your Operator inhaling gas, which provides its boosts.

Most players used this item in the game as the benefits were massive. However, now Sledgehammer Games have balanced this equipment.

While active, the health regeneration was high-speed, and if enemies missed a shot, your HP replenished almost instantly.

It was quite a broken item, and players immediately started to call for it to be nerfed. Watch this example by X user Cartiestt showcasing how many bullets you used to tank with this Tactical:

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