The TR-76 Geist is a brand new assault rifle arriving in MW2 and Warzone Season 6. Here is how you can unlock it.

This new weapon is stated to deal tons of damage with a moderate rate of fire. Additionally, this gun comes with a manageable recoil making it an excellent assault rifle to use.

If you are wondering how to unlock this new weapon in Season 6, look no further as we dive into how you can get your hands on it.

How to Get the TR-76 Geist in MW2 & Warzone

To get the TR-76 Geist in MW2 and Warzone, you must complete the corresponding Battle Pass sector. This weapon can be found in the F7 tile.

Getting your hands on this assault rifle will require 20 tokens.

TR-76 Geist MW2 Battle Pass

If you are unable to complete the sector where the weapon is located before the season ends, there are multiple other methods to unlock the TR-76 Geist.

  • Complete the in-game challenge that will be available once Season 6 ends.
  • Purchase a store bundle that includes the weapon.
  • Extract with the weapon in DMZ.

Fastest Way to Unlock the TR-76 Geist in MW2 & Warzone

The fastest way to unlock the TR-76 Geist is by following this path on the free Battle Pass progression. This will take a total of 20 tokens.

Regular Battle Pass – 20 Tokens

  • F1
  • F5
  • F6
  • F7

Blackcell Battle Pass – 25 Tokens

  • Blackcell Tile
  • F11
  • F10
  • F8
  • F7

Even if you have Blackcell, we recommend starting at the regular Battle Pass point to unlock this gun quicker.

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