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How to Unlock The Wall Combat Shield Blueprint – Warzone Rebirth Island Gold Vaults

There’s a new shield Blueprint named The Wall to unlock in Warzone – here’s where to find it and how to unlock the vaults.

If you are one of those Warzone players that just has to have everything, don’t miss out on unlocking the new Combat Shield Blueprint.

Since the new Rebirth Reinforced update, players have been wondering about the presence of new Golden Vaults that have appeared on the island. Now, these mysterious locations are opening, and there’s a unique Combat Shield Blueprint to unlock!

How to Get The Wall Shield Blueprint in Rebirth Island

Here’s how to break into the Golden Vault in Warzone and earn yourself the new equipment.

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How to Get ‘The Wall’ Riot Shield Blueprint in Rebirth Island

Here’s how to unlock the new Rebirth Reinforced The Wall Combat Shield Blueprint from a Warzone Easter Egg.

If you’re a Riot Shield fan, don’t miss out on opening the new Gold Vaults. Doing so will secure you some excellent rewards, not least a unique Riot Shield Blueprint.

Here’s how to open the Gold Vaults in Rebirth Island!

Once you get in there, you’ll now find that the Riot Shield Blueprint is lying off to the side, waiting to be picked up. It’s definitely a cool-looking shield, even if it has no special effect.

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The Wall Shield Blueprint Warzone
Geeky Pastimes

Once you have the equipment, it’ll permanently be unlocked as a Blueprint in your Gunsmith. have fun shielding yourself from enemy fire.

Why not create the ultimate Warzone meme loadout with 2 Combat Shields? Sadly, it’s not a viable strategy as only one shield tends to work in-game – but it looks stylish.

Meanwhile, some Warzone players are frustrated with ongoing server issues making the game unplayable.

Thanks to YouTube streamer GeekyPastimes for showing us how to obtain this Blueprint!

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