The Tonfa is a formidable melee weapon making its debut in Season 4 of MW2 and Warzone. Unlike the straightforward unlocking process for other weapons, obtaining this wooden baton requires more teamwork.

The Tonfa can deliver devastating and lethal strikes to your adversaries. Its unique design showcases a handle positioned approximately one-third along its length, offering a distinctive advantage in combat.

We’ve got you covered for those who relish dealing powerful blows with melee weapons in Call of Duty. Here is how to unlock the Tonfa.

Every Way to Unlock the Tonfa in MW2 & Warzone

To unlock the Tonfa, you must achieve one of the following criteria:

  • Complete the final Attack on Vondel event challenge – 300 million medals* collected by the community.
    • *The exact total of medals is not confirmed, but it appears each reward is 50 million more than the previous. We will update this article once the precise total is known.
  • Extract from DMZ with this melee weapon.
  • Purchase it from a future store bundle.
Tonfa Unlock MW2 Warzone

Luckily, even if you do not have time to complete all Assault on Vondel event challenges, the Tonfa will still be awarded as it is obtained through a community challenge in MW2 and Warzone.

However, if you participate, unlocking this melee weapon will be a much faster process.

Additionally, it is likely this weapon will become available as part of a store bundle later down the line. Previous season’s weapons, such as the M13B, have received store bundles allowing players to obtain the gun.

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