Key Points
Completion Time:
~1hr after tutorial in Great Sky Island
Unlocks central map area
Must Haves:
Completed tutorial and follow Find Princess Zelda main quest
Required For:
Unlocking Skyview Towers

The paraglider was an impressive and useful feature in Breath of the Wild, and fortunately, it has returned in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

However, you’re not given it straight away, and players will need to earn it, much like in BOTW. We’re going to break down exactly how you get the paraglider in TOTK.

How to Unlock the Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK):

To unlock the Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom, you must complete the main quest, Crisis at Hyrule Castle. You are given the quest by Purah at Lookout Landing after jumping from the Great Sky Island.

For detailed instructions on how to complete the quest and unlock the Paraglider, follow these simple steps:

  1. After jumping from the Great Sky Island, head North to Lookout Landing.
    • If you’re struggling to find it, head in the direction of the glowing yellow dot on your mini-map.
  2. Talk to Purah and accept the Crisis at Hyrule Castle quest.
a map of Hyrule with Lookout Landing circled
Your map may look different, but head to this location’s general vicinity to reach Lookout Landing.
  1. Head into Hyrule Castle and continue North towards the massive gates.
    • You will have to climb over the gates to get through. There’s a Korok underneath a rock at the top of the gate.
the gates to Hyrule Castle in Tears of the Kingdom
The Korok Seed can be found under a rock in the tower circled above.
  1. Once over the gate, continue all the way down the path until you reach the gatehouse.
    • You’ll know you’ve reached the gatehouse when you spot a man called Wingo looking up at the building covering his eyes.
Link stood outside the gatehouse in Hyrule Castle
  1. You need to head to the top of the Gatehouse. To do that, follow these instructions:
    • Look for the wooden supplies on the left.
    • Climb up them and onto the wall behind them.
    • Go up the wall on the left.
    • Continue upwards and then turn right when you reach the arch.
    • You’ll find Captain Hoz at the top.
  2. Speak to Captain Hoz at the top of the gatehouse.
The gatehouse in Hyrule Castle in Tears of the Kingdom and Captain Hoz at the top.
Captain Hoz is the person circled. You need to talk to him to progress the quest.
  1. Head back to Lookout Landing and speak to Purah.
  2. Go to Skyview Tower. It is located to the left of where you found Purah.
    • Although Purah tells you to rest, you don’t need to. You can head straight to Skyview Tower if you want to.
  3. Talk to Purah at the Skyview Tower.
the Skyview Tower in Lookout Landing and Purah stood inside the tower
  1. Examine the terminal next to you.
  2. Purah will then give you the Paraglider.
Link getting the paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you unlock the Paraglider, you can use it as much as you want and when you want. It is yours to keep and won’t be locked away anymore.

Just make sure you fix any framerate issues you encounter while gliding, as it does tend to lag due to the sheer size of Tears of the Kingdom’s world.

When Do You Get the Paraglider in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

You unlock the Paraglider early on in Tears of the Kingdom after you’ve completed the Great Sky Island tutorial area.

It will take roughly 2 to 3 hours before you unlock the Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom. Of course, it can take longer if you don’t go straight to Lookout Landing after jumping from the Great Sky Island.

Considering Tears of the Kingdom’s incredible length and sheer number of main missions, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Paraglider is given a few hours in.

Link paragliding in Tears of the Kingdom
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