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How to Unlock the Door to Vashtan Wolfe in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Unlock the hidden treasure behind Vashtan Wolfe's door!

After landing on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players can encounter a locked door with a Bedlam Raider called Vashtan Wolfe teasing them from behind.

Getting it unlocked is a little tricky and will require an upgrade for BD-1 that comes a little later in the game. Here is everything you need to unlock Vashtan Wolfe’s door.

How to Unlock Vashtan Wolfe’s Door on Koboh

To unlock the door to Vashtan Wolfe on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you must get the Electro Dart upgrade for BD-1. You get this upgrade at the start of Chapter 5 by completing the quest Rescue Zee.

Once you have the upgrade, you’ll need to hit down on the D-Pad to switch BD-1 to Electro Darts and fire it at the glowing blue receptor on the top right above the door.

The door will then open, and you can venture inside and fight Vashtan Wolfe. Of course, you’ll need to come back later in the game to do this, and considering the game’s length, you may wait a while.

The blue mechanism to open Vashtan Wolfe's door

How to Get the Electro Dart Upgrade For BD-1

You get the Electro Dart upgrade for BD-1 by completing the Rescue Zee quest on Koboh. To get this quest, you must first start the Compass Acquired main quest, which is also on Koboh.

You start the Rescue Zee quest by heading to the Lucrehulk on Koboh. During the quest, you’ll explore the Fogged Expanse area, which contains an Imperial Wreckage. You’ll find the Electro Dart upgrade within.

What Is Behind Vashtan Wolfe’s Door?

The only thing behind Vashtan Wolfe’s door in Koboh is Wolfe themself. In fact, you can’t actually go through the door, even once you’ve managed to lure Wolfe out.

Instead, you’ll fight Vashtan Wolfe inside the room before the door. It’s a challenging miniboss fight, so you should try and unlock as many stances as possible before taking them on.

Once you beat them, a hidden chest will appear in the room containing a two-toned weapon material. Of course, you also get the satisfaction of never having to hear Wolfe taunt you again.

The Vashtan Wolfe boss fight

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