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How to Unlock the ‘Donnie Darko’ Skin & Bundle in Warzone

Warzone drops into the Halloween season with a ton of creepy content like the Donnie Darko Bundle and we let you know how you can unlock it.

The Haunting, Warzone Season Six Halloween event is about to start.

It seems that players who spotted Ghostface recently on Warzone were right!

This year, the main stars of the show are Ghostface, from SCREAM, and Donnie Darko.

The cult film’s humanoid rabbit that creeped out everyone back in 2001 is making its way to Warzone as an Operator skin.

Also, as part of the Halloween theme, this event features a limited-time mode, “Ghosts of Verdansk.”

Frank the Rabbit will soon drop on Warzone and well tell you how you can get it!

Unlock Donnie Darko Frank the Rabbit Skin Bundle Warzone
Source: Activision

How to Unlock the Frank the Rabbit Operator in Warzone

Contrary to Ghostface, the “Frank the Rabbit” Operator Skin will not be accessible since day one of The Haunting.

This Operator will be included in the Donnie Darko Bundle, which will available in the COD store on October 24th.

Note that Frank the Rabbit will be a skin for Baker and not a standalone Operator like Ghostface.

Based on our previous experience with these limited-time exclusive Warzone operator bundles, we anticipate a 2400 COD points price tag will be in place to unlock the Donnie Darko bundle.

This is a store-exclusive bundle, so purchasing it is the only way to acquire it.

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Unlock Donnie Darko Frank the Rabbit Operator Skin Bundle Warzone
Source: Activision

What is included in the Donnie Darko Bundle?

This bundle includes some cool perks that stick to the psychological cult classic’s theme.

Aside from the Frank the Rabbit Operator skin for Baker, this bundle features a signature “Sky is Falling” Finishing Move.

Furthermore, these four epic-rarity items will be included in the Donnie Darko bundle:

  • Weapon charm
  • Calling Card
  • Emblem
  • Watch

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Unlock Donnie Darko Skin Bundle Contents Warzone

Three Legendary Weapon Blueprints are also part of this bundle:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • SMS
  • Assault Rifle

All of the mentioned above Blueprints include Purple Electric Tracer Fire and some surprise effects.

You can take a closer look at the gear and content included in The Haunting in its trailer.

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