The Boys make their welcome return to Call of Duty once again and players get the chance to unlock The Boys Special blueprint in MW3! Read on to find out how to get it.

This awesome blueprint is part of a brand-new event, The Boys: Supe Siege, that’s tied to MW3 Season 1 Reloaded.

The Boys Special blueprint comes with a colorful The Boys-themed weapon camo. We go over how you can get your hands on it below!

How to Get The Boys Special Blueprint

To get The Boys Special blueprint in MW3, you must complete 6 challenges in the limited-time The Boys: Supe Siege event.

The Boys: Supe Siege is available now and ends on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT.

This means that players will have exactly to unlock The Boys Special blueprint for the TAQ Eradicator.

The Boys Special Blueprint side angle view in MW3

Here are all the challenges you need to complete to get The Boys Special blueprint. You only need to complete 6 of them to get it during the event:

Get 1 Operator Heat Vision Kills in The Boys modeGet 5 Operator Kills with Sniper Rifles
Deactivate 20 pieces of Equipment using DDoSMake 15 Purchases at Buy Stations
Get 45 Operator Kills using the MTZ-762 Get 15 Operator Kills with Marksman Rifles
Get 2 Operator Kills in a single life with the Overkill Vest Equipped 5 timesGet 10 Operator Headshot Kills
Get 15 Operator Akimbo KillsGet 7 Operator Kills using Lethal Equipment
Get 7 Operator Kills using Lethal EquipmentWin 3 Gulag Matches

Remember, you need to complete 6 of the challenges before the event ends on Wednesday, February 7, 2024!

Be sure to check out our detailed guide on all of the Supe Seige event’s challenges and rewards, for more detail.

What Is The Boys Special Blueprint?

The Boys Special is a unique weapon blueprint players can unlock during The Boys: Supe Siege event in MW3 Season 1 Reloaded.

The blueprint comes with a unique set of attachments, as well as a neat weapon skin, appropriately themed around The Boys TV show.

The skin for the TAQ Eradicator has a glossy red, white, and blue color scheme with a flashy “The Boys” logo draped along the stock:

The Boys Special Blueprint close up of Stock MW3

The Boys Special is a support weapon that’s great for giving out suppressive fire in long bursts. Its in-game description states that it utilizes a prototype firing method that initially has a “blazing rate of fire”. It then slows down and becomes “more accurate” over time.

Here’s everything The Boys Special blueprint includes in MW3:

  • A huge 150-round drum. Perfect for giving out plenty of suppressive fire!
  • 7.62X51MM Incendiary ammunition
  • STER45 Skyfury Compensator
  • The attachments will improve in the following areas:
    • +Sprint to Fire Speed
    • +Aim Walking Speed
    • +Aim Walking Steadiness
The Boys Special Blueprint stats in MW3 Gunsmith menu

That’s about it for The Boys Special blueprint in Modern Warfare 3!

If you’re itching to see more of The Boys in MW3, we got you covered. Check out everything there is to know about The Boys LTM and its “Supe’d Up” take on the classic Kill Confirmed game mode!

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