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How To Unlock The Sykov in Warzone – Fast Challenge Guide

Find out how to unlock the overpowered Sykov pistol in Warzone and Modern Warfare!

The Sykov is the latest weapon to come to Warzone and everyone is scrambling to use it. Use this handy guide to see the challenge to unlock the SYkov, as well as its most important attachment – the Akimbo perk.

Warzone Sykov Unlock Challenge

The Sykov is possibly the most overpowered Warzone weapon of all time, so you should probably unlock it as soon as you can. It could be nerfed pretty soon.

To unlock the Sykov in Warzone and Modern Warfare, players have to complete a challenge. Luckily (or unluckily), it’s very simple to complete.

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The challenge is: “get 4 kills with pistols in 5 separate matches”.

Also, make sure to check out the most overpowered full-auto Akimbo Sykov loadout in Warzone too!

This Sykov unlock challenge can be completed in Warzone but will be much quicker to do in Modern Warfare multiplayer. You’ll want to use a very powerful pistol like the Renetti or the Akimbo Snakehsot Magnums to complete this challenge quickly.

The best way to get it done fast in Warzone is to go into a game of Plunder and drop into a busy location like Superstore or Storage Town. Once you have the 4 kills you can exit the game too, to save some time.

You’ll want to unlock this as soon as you can so you can level up the Sykov in the upcoming Warzone Double XP weekend.

Best Sykov Loadout Warzone

Akimbo Sykov Challenge

To unlock the all-important Akimbo perk for the Sykov in Warzone, you’ll have to complete another challenge. However, this is incorrect in-game.

The in-game challenge text says: “Get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the Mo’ Money perk with the Renetti”.

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However, this is an error and you must use the Sykov with the Mo’ Money perk to complete this challenge.

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Complete both of these challenges and you’ll be destroying your opponents in no time with the Sykov!

Best Sykov Loadout Warzone

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Once you’ve unlocked the Sykov in Warzone, you’ll be almost unbeatable. None of the current meta weapons in Warzone stand a chance.

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