Before you set out to farm for dungeons in Diablo 4, you’ll need to learn about sigil crafting to help you easily enter Nightmare Dungeons.

Nightmare Sigils are how players gain access to all the various Nightmare Dungeons across Sanctuary. Unfortunately, once a sigil is consumed to bring about the dungeon, it disappears from your inventory.

This is why once players complete their first Nightmare Dungeon while in World Tier 3, they’ll have the ability to learn how to craft their own sigils.

How to Unlock Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4

Players will unlock Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4 once they obtain the Priority Quest after they reach level 52 and clear a Tier 3+ Nightmare Dungeon.

After completing both of those requirements, players will receive a Priority Quest to learn about crafting sigils in Kyovashad.

Sigil Crafting Location

It is important to note that you need to complete a Tier 3 or higher Nightmare Dungeon. When you first begin, you’ll run into plenty of Tier 1 Dungeons, but these will not satisfy the requirements.

You can see what tier your Nightmare Sigil is by looking at the number right below the name of the sigil.

Sigil Tier Location

How to Craft Nightmare Sigil in Diablo 4

Players can craft Nightmare Sigils by visiting The Occultist at any of the main hub centers of Sanctuary and using Sigil Powder to craft either Sacred or Ancestral Sigils.

The Occultist is found in any of the following towns: Kyovashad, Cerrigar, Ed Bardu, Zabinzet, and Gea Kul.

How to Craft Sigil Diablo 4

Where to Find Tier 3 Nightmare Sigil

Players can find Tier 3 Nightmare Sigils by going through a Tier 1+ Nightmare Dungeon or joining a friend that already has a Tier 3+ sigil in their inventory.

Here are the best ways to find a Tier 3 Nightmare Sigil in Diablo 4:

  • Play in World Tier 4.
    • This is likely the fastest way to obtain a Tier 3+ Nightmare Sigil because you can obtain a Tier 21+ sigil simply by getting a cache from the Tree of Whispers.
    • But to do this method, you’ll need a character of at least Level 75 who can survive in World Tier 4.
  • Head into a Tier 1 Nightmare Dungeon.
    • Tier 3+ Sigils will drop from Tier 1 Nightmare Dungeons. The odds of it happening are low, but in our experience, we received one after clearing out our fifth Nightmare Dungeon.
  • Complete a Tier 3+ Dungeon with a friend.
    • If you have a friend with a few Tier 3+ Sigils in their inventory, then the easiest method is to jump into their game and complete that Nightmare Dungeon with them.
    • This will count toward the Priority Quest and allow you to unlock the ability to craft sigils without too much of a problem.