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How to Unlock SCREAM Skin ‘Ghostface’ Operator in Warzone

Warzone is getting its Halloween vibes ready and we let you know how you can unlock the SCREAM Ghostface Operator.

Season Six in Warzone revamped with the Halloween theme event, The Haunting.

Specifically, this Halloween event started with a Nuketown teaser trailer.

Namely, this event starts tomorrow and will last until November 2nd.

Furthermore, the famous Ghostface from SCREAM takes the spotlight for this event.

In detail, Ghostface will have a dedicated limited-time mode “Ghosts of Verdansk.”

As well, the iconic horror SCREAM protagonist is getting its own Ghostface Operator.

We let you know how you can get it right here!

SCREAM Ghostface Operator The Haunting Event Warzone
Source: Activision

The Warzone and Ghostface crossover rumor started some time ago.

In fact, some gamers even spotted appearances of Ghostface in Warzone before its official announcement.

How to Unlock SCREAM Skin ‘Ghostface’ in Warzone

The Ghostface Operator will be available through Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Moreover, the operator will be playable across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Battle Royal modes.

From previous experience in Warzone Halloween events, we believe that the limited-time SCREAM Ghostface Operator Bundle should be around 2400 COD points in the store.

So, keep in mind that you would have to leave around that many COD points if you want to unlock this bundle.

This is a store-bound bundle, so purchasing it is the only way to acquire it.

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The Haunting SCREAM Ghostface Operator in Warzone
Source: Activision

What is included in the SCREAM Ghostface Operator Bundle?

Aside from the Ghostface Operator, the Scream bundle includes some additional surprises.

In detail, this bundle includes the Violent End finishing move.

Furthermore, the weapon charm “Cordless Phone” and the “Scary Hours” watch are also in the bundle.

As to cosmetics, this bundle features an animated Emblem and a Calling Card.

Unlock SCREAM Ghostface Operator Bundle Content Warzone
Source: Activision

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Lastly, the SCREAM Ghostface Operator Bundle features three Legendary Weapon Blueprints.

Moreover, one of the Blueprints includes Ghostface’s signature weapon, the Ghost Blade.

The remaining blueprints feature two ranged weapon Blueprints with Tracer Fire.

Hopefully, hacker intervention will be minimal during this Halloween event after the implementation of the new anti-cheat solution for Warzone.

Although, there are rumors around that this anti-cheat solution’s kernel files had already been sold to cheat manufacturers.

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