The RAM-9 is a new SMG added in the Season 2 update for MW3 and Warzone – here’s how you can unlock it!

A handful of new weapons come to MW3 and Warzone every season, and Call of Duty fans can’t wait to try them out.

Fortunately, the RAM-9 is pretty easy to unlock, meaning you’ll be able to use this brand-new gun in no time!

How to Unlock RAM-9

To unlock the RAM-9, you need to complete sector B6 in the MW3 and Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass.

All players can unlock this for free, provided they’re willing to grind a bit. Fortunately, sector B6 is only 2 sectors away from the starting space, B1, so it shouldn’t take too long!

MW3 Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass Sector B6 - RAM-9

Another way to unlock the RAM-9 is through the Zombies game mode. Exfiling with the RAM-9 unlocks it permanently, so you can get a friend who has already unlocked the RAM-9 to drop it for you!

Finally, you could use spend your COD Points on a bundle containing the RAM-9. An example of this is the upcoming Demon GLO Tracer Pack, which includes a blueprint for the RAM-9.

MW3 Warzone Demon Glo Tracer Pack

What is the RAM-9?

The RAM-9 is a bullpup SMG added in Season 2 of MW3 and Warzone.

It is a more lightweight version of the powerful RAM-7 assault rifle that fires 9mm rounds. The RAM-9’s rapid fire rate and low recoil make it deadly in close-quarters combat.

RAM-9 on a Weapons Table MW3

The Call of Duty Blog offers this description of the new SMG:

“The RAM-9 may not win any pinpoint accuracy awards (especially a distance), but it can certainly mow down the opposition with high-damage, chamber-emptying assaults, especially as you close in for the kill.”

If you prefer to use a more accurate weapon for long-range combat, find out how to unlock the BP50 in MW3 and Warzone. This is the brand-new assault rifle in Season 2!

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