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How to Unlock Operator Soap & CX-9 Weapon in Warzone

Soap MacTavish, one of Call of Duty’s most iconic characters has finally arrived as a playable operator in MW and Warzone. However, that’s not all, here is how to get your hands on the brand-new CX-9 weapon too.

Recently, COD fans have been bracing themselves for the start of Warzone Season 5. Whilst we already know about the new operators & weapons for Season 5 thanks to a recent leak, it appears Activision has also unintentionally revealed their plans to bring Soap into Warzone.

Warzone & Cold War Season 5 Leak Reveals New Operator & Weapon
(Source: Activision)

After a long wait players are finally going to be able to get their hands on the operator, Soap MacTavish. Furthermore, despite a bunch of leaks and rumors claiming the operator would be available sooner, it looks like season 5 will finally see Soap added to the game.

Whilst popular Warzone streamers like NICKMERCS are rage quitting at Warzone, perhaps the addition of a beloved character may help to quell tensions at the moment.

Soap MW2 Remastered
(Source: Activision)

Although others like JGOD believe that Warzone is ‘basically unplayable’ at the moment, due to the game’s cheating problem.

However, if you’re interested in picking up Soap MacTavish as a playable operator in Warzone, here’s how to do it. Alongside this, we’ve also included the best way to get access to the devastating CX-9 weapon.

How to Get Soap MacTavish in Modern Warfare & Warzone

After an arduous wait, players can now finally experience Soap in all his glory in both MW and Warzone. Whilst Activision appears to have accidentally revealed the operator early, we do know how players will be able to get access.

Soap MacTavish is available to play as a part of a paid bundle within the COD store. Unsurprisingly, interested players can purchase the ‘Soap’ operator bundle for 2400 CP. Furthermore, here is a description of the new operator from within the COD store:

Pay homage to all possible Call of Duty timelines when you play as the mohawked Scotsman, John “Soap MacTavish”. Complete the included operator mission to unlock additional Soap skins.

Source: Activision

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Soap MacTavish
(Source: Activision)

How to Get CX-9 in Modern Warfare & Warzone

Alternatively, if you are more interested in picking up the CX-9 in Modern Warfare and Warzone, here’s how to do it.

Players can get access to the CX-9 through similar means. If you purchase the Soap operator bundle, this will also grant players access to the CX-9 as well.

CX-9 Weapon Challenge

You can also unlock this weapon from completing the following challenge: Get 2 Longshot Kills while using an SMG in 5 different matches.

It looks like the Soap operator bundle is quite literally great bang for your buck. Whilst we already have our weapons tier list for Warzone Season 4, we will have to see how the CX-9 stacks up in-game.

CX-9 Warzone
(Source: Actvision)

It’s worth mentioning that currently players are having trouble accessing Soap and the CX-9 in Modern Warfare & Warzone. It appears that restarting the game after purchasing the bundle allows fans to equip Soap MacTavish, but not the CX-9.

However, in the meantime, check out our best Stoner loadout in Warzone at the moment, it offers insane damage.

Alternatively, check out more details regarding the Call of Duty Vanguard reveal event, which has been teased by a new leak.

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Mark Allan

Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

The challenges to unlock the CX-9 aren't tracking, and if you do have it unlocked, it isn't levelling up.

Mirco Timm

Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

@Mark Allan, yeah I tried everything to get sure at first I did it at 5 games the longs. Then still unlocked, I played 5 Multiplayer with 5 L Kills in 5 games still doesn't work...