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How to Unlock New Outfits in Fire Emblem Engage

To unlock new outfits in Fire Emblem Engage, players will need to complete Chapter 5 to unlock the Boutique at the Somneil.

From Chapter 6 onwards, this location can be visited in order to buy new clothes as well as change outfits at will. New outfits can also be unlocked via DLC and with amiibo support.

By interacting with the Boutique owner Pinet, players can purchase new outfits or change their existing one.

the Boutique shop in the Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage

As you progress through the game, more outfits will become available at the Boutique. Check back regularly to see what’s in stock.

And it’s not just Alear that can be customized either. You can dress up all your allies freely using clothes you purchase at the Boutique!

New clothes can cost a mixture of Iron, Silver, Silver, and Gold to unlock. These resources are earned through battles, so you’re sure to have plenty on hand later in the game.

It’s worth mentioning that you can get some amazing outfits for free by using Fire Emblem Engage’s amiibo support. And you don’t even need a Fire Emblem-specific amiibo to join in on the fun!

Alear wearing an amiibo outfit in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass Clothes

Players can also get exclusive clothing in the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass. This currently includes:

  • The Rare Set
  • Frilled Band
  • Round Specs
  • Big Ribbon
  • Single Earring

On top of that, additional customization options will arrive as part of future Expansion Pass waves later in 2023.

Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass Outfits

How to Change Clothes in Fire Emblem Engage

To change clothes, Fire Emblem Engage players need to head to the Boutique in the Somneil and interact with Pinet behind the front desk. They can then choose to change their character’s clothing, or purchase new items.

This location will only become available to use in Chapter 6.

Bear in mind that certain clothing is restricted to that character’s gender. You won’t be able to equip all items of clothing to Alear, depending on what form you chose the Divine Dragon to take at the start of the game.

Alfred wearing the Marth amiibo outfit in Fire Emblem Engage

Interestingly, gender doesn’t seem to affect which Fire Emblem Engage characters can be romanced this time around.

Make sure you know what your preferred partner’s favorite gift is in Engage and you’ll be able to woo them in no time.

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