There’s a new trick that lets you unlock the best guns in MW3 right away, without requiring you to grind or complete Armory challenges.

Those who played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will likely know about the DMZ trick, which let players find weapons in the extraction shooter and then Exfil to unlock them right away.

Now, that same trick is back in MW3, but one key element will help players unlock the best weapons in the game without delay!

How to Unlock Guns in MWZ

To unlock any weapon instantly, MW3 players can simply Exfil with a gun of their choice in MWZ, the game’s Zombies mode.

But what makes this even easier to pull off is that many of MW3’s best weapons are already unlocked as Contraband in your starting inventory.

Step 1

First, add a gun into your MWZ loadout before dropping in. To do this, select ‘Gear’ and then choose one of your Contraband weapons.

MWZ Gear Loadout

As you can see, I don’t have the Holger 556 unlocked yet, as I’m not Level 37.

However, MW3 does provide the Assault Rifle as Contraband, which is how I’m able to place it in my MWZ loadout.

Holger 556 Locked in MW3

Step 2

When in-game, wait 2 minutes for Exfils to unlock, and then head to an extraction site. Here’s what an Exfil location looks like on the map:

Exfil icon on Tac-Map in MWZ

Step 3:

Interact with the green smoke to call in the Exfil chopper and fight off the horde of undead that spawn.

You can easily run away from them if you’re in danger, but early Exfil hordes (particularly in Tier 1 areas) are quite small.

Calling the Exfil in MW3 Zombies

Step 4:

Get on the chopper before the countdown completes to Exfil. If you still have your Contraband weapon, it unlocks in MW3 Multiplayer right away!

As you can see, I now have the Holger 556 unlocked for Multiplayer, and all I did was bring my starting Contraband into the game very briefly.

Holger556 Unlocked in MW3 Multiplayer

Instead of needing to get to level 44 to unlock the MCW (MW3’s best assault rifle), why not take the Contraband version into Zombies, and Exfil to unlock the ability to stick it in your loadouts?

What’s more, while you’re in MWZ, there’s a new trick to easily max out your weapon levels in MW3 Zombies. Therefore, you could rank up the gun to its highest level in the same deployment as you unlock it!

All Starting Contraband

Here are the weapons you start with in your Contraband stash in MW3.

Each one can be taken into MWZ and immediately extracted for a quick and easy unlock, no grinding required!

  • MCW (Assault Rifle)
  • WSP Swarm (Submachine Gun)
  • DG-58 LSW (Light Machine Gun)
  • Holger 556 (Assault Rifle)
  • MTZ-556 (Assault Rifle)
  • MTZ-762 (Battle Rifle)
  • X12 (Handgun)

Seeing as the MCW, WSP Swarm, and MTZ-556 all fall into our list of the best guns & loadouts in MW3, we highly recommend taking each Contraband into Zombies immediately, to save time unlocking them!

All Contraband in MWZ

For any weapons not on the list, it’s still possible to come across them in MWZ, by finding them as loot, on Wall Buys, or by using the MW3 Zombies Mystery Box.

If you find them in-game, you can extract them with the method above. Even better, you can party up with a player who already unlocked a weapon you want, get them to drop it for you, and Exfil with it in your inventory to get any gun instantly!

But not every weapon will likely appear in MW3 Zombies – and of course, Wonder Weapons like the Ray Gun cannot be unlocked for Multiplayer.

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