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How to Unlock All Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta Rewards + Level Cap Details

The upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta is also presenting players with the largest collections of free Beta rewards in Call of Duty history.

It’s an exciting time for Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty players. The upcoming Call of Duty Next will feature an in-depth look at the future of Call of Duty.

Then a few days later, Early Access for the MW2 Open Beta will start for PlayStation players.

To make it even more exciting, Call of Duty just announced over ten different rewards that players will be able to unlock.

All MW2 Open Beta Rewards & How to Unlock Them

There are ten different rewards that players can unlock during the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta, including:

RewardHow to UnlockWeekend
Emblem: “Smashed It”Reach Operator Level 21
Charm: “Buckle Up” Reach Operator Level 41
Player Cards: “Passed the Test” Reach Operator Level 61
Sticker: “Operation First Blood” Reach Operator Level 101
Weapon Blueprint: “Side Impact” Reach Operator Level 151
Operator Skin: “Collision” Reach Operator Level 181 & 2
Vinyl: “No Competition” Reach Operator Level 191 & 2
Sticker: “Safety First”Reach Operator Level 211 & 2
Vehicle Skin: “Floor It” Reach Operator Level 261 & 2
Weapon Blueprint: “Frontal Impact”Reach Operator Level 301 & 2

Those playing Weekend 1 of the MW2 Open Beta will be able to unlock up to the Weapon Blueprint: “Side Impact” reward. All other rewards will be obtainable in Weekend 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta Rewards

It is worth noting that those who pre-order Modern Warfare 2 on PSN will be able to participate in the Early Access PlayStation MW2 Open Beta.

This means they will have to Open Beta weekends to unlock all of the rewards. Those that only participate in the Weekend 2 Open Beta will still be able to unlock all rewards from Weekend 1.

What Is the MW2 Open Beta Level Cap?

The MW2 Open Beta will have two level caps:

Weekend 1: Level 15

Weekend 2: Level 30

To know exactly when the cap rises, find out the exact MW2 Open Beta dates and weekends.

Call of Duty will reveal more information during Call of Duty NEXT. During this event, Call of Duty will talk about the future of the franchise and showcase multiplayer for MW2 for the first time.

We’ll probably get to see the vehicle gameplay that was leaked a few weeks back.

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