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How To Unlock Martyrdom in CoD Mobile – Season 6

CoD Mobile players are finally able to unlock the Martyrdom Perk. All it takes is a few challenges and it’s yours!

Martyrdom used to be a death streak and a perk in different Call of Duty titles. It’s back as a perk now and getting it is very simple!.

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CoD Mobile Martyrdom
Martyrdom Perk in CoD Mobile

The Martyrdom perk is in the red slot in CoD Mobile. If equipped, the player will drop a live grenade on the spot that they die. This is helpful in game modes such as Hardpoint, Domination, and Headquarters.

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How to Unlock Martyrdom Perk – CoD Mobile

To unlock Martyrdom in CoD Mobile, players must finish most of the “Martyrdom” Seasonal Event.

The Seasonal Event consists of 6 steps. Only 5 challenges are required to unlock the perk.

Just like we had to unlock the Shorty in CoD Mobile Season 5, you’ll need to complete a few tasks to earn your prize.

Here is a run-through of everything you need to do to unlock Martyrdom in CoD Mobile.

Martyrdom Event Screen

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  1. Use the War Machine Operator 3 times in MP Matches
    • Very simple challenge that might be possible in one match of Hardpoint.
  2. Earn the Avenger Medal 20 times in MP Matches
    • Playing any game mode should lead to this challenge’s completion. This may take 2 or 3 games, depending on your and your team’s performances.
  3. Use Frag Grenade 20 times in any mode
    • Very easy challenge. If you’d like, throw the frag at your feet. Repeat the process until you’ve completed the challenge.
  4. Kill 20 enemies with the Shrapnel Perk equipped in MP Matches
    • If you don’t have Shrapnel, it’s currently in the Credit Store. After buying it, play some Hardpoint. It’s easiest to get a lot of kills there.
  5. Kill 15 enemies with any Lethal Equipment in MP Matches
    • This may be best to do in Hardpoint on Shipment with a Molotov or Thermite. It’ll most likely take a few matches
    • This challenge unlocks Martyrdom
  6. Win 3 games with the Martyrdom Perk equipped in MP Matches
    • This is an easy challenge. Simply equip Martyrdom and play the game.

After doing all of the challenges you’ll have unlocked 200 credits, 40 Weapon XP Cards, the AK-47 Macaw, Martyrdom, and the “From Dog, With Love” avatar.

Recent rumors suggested that CoD Mobile was getting the Die Maschine Zombies map from Black Ops Cold War. Now, we’re not so sure that’s the case – but Zombies is returning!

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