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COD Mobile: How to Unlock Krueger – Dust Up in Season 4

There are a lot of new operators and skins that can be earned in season 4 of CoD Mobile. Players are particularly excited about the new Krueger Dust Up skin. Here’s how to get ahold of it.

Krueger is one of the main antagonists of Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Although the game was initially not received very well, it grew in the eyes of the fans over the years. As a result, Krueger was re-introduced as an operator in Modern Warfare 2019.

As fans of the character already know, Krueger is very similar to Ghost, but he is considered an antagonist. In every single appearance aside from Black Ops 3, his face is covered, just like Ghost. In the eyes of many fans, they are rivals, even though they do not meet in the timeline of the story.

Krueger – Dust Up was one of the characters leaked earlier in the month. So far, all of the characters revealed can be found in the leak. If you want to know what characters are coming next, we’ve covered the leak in great detail here.

Krueger Season 4 Dust Up Skin How To Get

How To Unlock Krueger – Dust Up Skin in Season 4 of COD Mobile

Luckily for us, Krueger’s new look is another skin that is available for free. Krueger – Dust up will be the Log-in reward for season 4. To get a reward from the login reward tracks, you simply have to log in for however many days you need to get a certain reward.

For example, Krueger – Dust Up will be the reward for logging in for 7 days. You have to log in for 7 days during the season. It does not have to be consecutive. If you miss a day, the countdown will simply continue when you log in the next time.

If you’re looking to grow your collection of operators and skins, you’re in luck. Here’s how to get Ghost Apparition, Roach & More.

Season 4 dropped with many spicy new additions. You can create a perfect loadout using all of the newly added combat items:

Make sure you check out our detailed patch rundown that goes over all the changes that came in season 4 of COD Mobile.

If you want more info on Krueger’s origin, check out the CODM Wiki.

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