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How to Unlock ‘Irish’ Battle Hardened Legendary Skin in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield has a new Specialist, complete with a unique appearance to discover. Here’s how to unlock the Battle Hardened Legendary skin for Irish in Battlefield 2042.

In case you missed it, we just got the premiere of Battlefield 2042’s Exodus short film. In it, we got to see the backstory for the 2042 universe, and with it – a brand new Specialist.

Battlefield 2042’s Specialists aren’t popular with the game’s community but they’re a great addition to the franchise when it comes to treading new ground. Each Specialist comes with their own gadget and unique ability, but players can customize their loadouts freely.

Irish Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

You can even change weapon loadouts on the go in Battlefield 2042, which makes customization even easier. And, speaking of customization, we’ve got a new way to unlock the Battle Hardened skin for Irish in Battlefield 2042.

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Battlefield 2042 New Specialist – Kimble ‘Irish’ Graves

Fans of Battlefield 4 might remember Irish, but the soldier has been through a lot by the time of 2042.

As Battlefield 2042’s newest Specialist, Irish is all about protecting his squad from harm. Irish makes use of a Fortification System, complete with a Deployable Cover to protect from incoming fire.

He can also use the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel to take down explosive projectiles. Place it next to a vehicle and protect it from incoming missiles with ease.

Kimble Irish Graves Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

On top of that, Irish has the Veteran trait, providing him with a small amount of body armor. Irish can replenish this armor when looting ammo from downed enemies.

“Irish, as the leader of one of the groups of No-Pats, gives commands and expects them to be followed without question. He’s a man who’s been hardened by great loss who chooses to pay his respect to the fallen by using his skills to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.”

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Fans can already get their hands on a new Specialist Legendary skin named Battle Hardened, exclusively for Irish. And it certainly doesn’t look as Pay-to-Win as some of the other Battlefield 2042 skins!

How to Unlock Battle Hardened Legendary Skin for Irish in Battlefield 2042

How to Unlock 'Irish' Battle Hardened Legendary Skin in Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

Unlocking the Battle Hardened Legendary skin for Irish is as simple as pre-ordering Battlefield 2042. It doesn’t get more simple than that!

You can also get access to the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta here, to try out the game early!

And we’re learning more about Battlefield 2042’s anti-cheat, destruction physics, and more – thanks to the ongoing Technical Playtest!

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