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How to Unlock the Hoverboard in Saints Row

There’s a new hoverboard to unlock in the Saints Row reboot. Here’s how you get your hands on the Prototype RTP 6208S:

The new Saints Row is finally here, and players getting to explore Santo Ileso at long last. The open world certainly has plenty of secrets to discover, including some rather unconventional modes of transportation.

One example that all players need to discover is the new Saints Row wingsuit, which makes taking to the skies a breeze. But for those who prefer to stay low to the ground (but not completely on it), the hoverboard is an excellent vehicle that’ll get you to your destination in style.

What’s more, the hoverboard can also be used in combat, with the ability to slam down on opponents and even blow up vehicles with ease!

How to Get the Hoverboard in Saints Row Reboot

How to Get the Hoverboard in Saints Row Reboot

  • To unlock the Prototype RTP 6208S Hoverboard, players need to first progress through the game until they complete the Severance Package mission and unlock the second wave of Criminal Ventures.
  • Then, head into the Saints church HQ and take the stairs up to the left.
  • Interact with the Criminal Ventures board and build the ‘Eurekabator!’ venture at a location of your choice.
Criminal Ventures Board Saints Row
  • After that, look for the Eurekabator! missions that appear on the game’s map. They should resemble a head icon.
Eurekabator in Saints Row
  • Go to each one in turn and complete their tests to unlock the ability to shoot through walls, throw rocket footballs, and ride a Hoverboard!
  • The Eurekabator mission that will unlock your Hoverboard is called Alpha Test.
  • Once you’ve completed the Eurekabator! Criminal Venture, you’ll find your Prototype RTP 6208S Hoverboard waiting for you in your garage.
  • Head to either your base of operations or Jim Rob’s garage to spawn in your new vehicle.
How to Unlock the Prototype Hoverboard

How to Use the Hoverboard

When riding the hoverboard, here are the controls you’ll need to know:

  • Movement: Analog Stick or WASD
  • Jump: X/A/Space Bar
  • Slam Attack (In-Air): L2/LT/Right Click

The hoverboard’s slam attack will deal big damage to those unlucky enough to be below you. It’s even enough to blow up an enemy vehicle!

Unfortunately, as cool as it is to have a hoverboard in-game, the vehicle is a little on the slow side.

Another great way to get airborne is by unlocking the VTOL in Saints Row, but that won’t be easy!

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