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How to Unlock Greedent for Free in Pokemon Unite

Find out how to unlock the newest Pokemon Greedent for totally free as part of the Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival event!

Pokemon Unite has a new character and while Greedent probably wasn’t top of many fans’ most wanted lists, it looks like a very fun addition to the game.

What’s more, you can get Greedent for totally free! This is thanks to the new Halloween Festival event in Pokemon Unite that is running until November 7.

Find out exactly how to unlock Greedent for free in Pokemon Unite by following the steps below.

But first, check out the best Greedent build in Pokemon Unite and check out where it ranks in our updated Pokemon Unite Tier list too.

Pokemon Unite October 20 update

How to Unlock Greedent Unite License for Free in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite fans are intrigued by Greedent and want to unlock this character as soon as possible. After all, you can get an insane 4000 DPS with Greedent’s Unite Move.

Don’t spend your hard-earned coins yet though. You can get Greedent’s Unite license free of charge.

Follow these steps to unlock Greedent for free in Pokemon Unite:

  • Earn 70 Pumpkins.
  • Go to your ‘Events’ Page.
  • Select ‘Pumpkin Exchange’ – Greedent will be the top option on the list of rewards.
  • Exchange 70 of your Pumpkins for the Greedent Unite License.

However, to unlock this new Pokemon, you’ll first need to know how to earn Pumpkins. That’s why we have also included all the details about Pumpkins in Pokemon Unite below.

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Greedent Pokemon Unite

How to Get Pumpkins in the Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival Event

Many Pokemon Unite fans will be interested to see how impactful the huge Zapdos and Drednaw nerfs in the Halloween update are. However, it’s fair to say that players are even more excited to earn Pumpkins and claim their rewards, including Greedent.

There are two ways players can earn Pumpkins in the Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival event. This is through the Halloween Log-In Bonus or the Halloween in Mer Stadium Challenges.

Your Halloween Log-In Bonus will give you a minimum of 3 Pumpkins every day you log into the game for 14 days, lasting until the end of the Halloween Festival in 18 days’ time. Some days give you more Pumpkins – days 5, 7, and 14 give you 8!

You can earn up to 57 Pumpkins from the Halloween Log-In Bonus alone. However, you’ll still need to get a few more to get 70 and unlock Greedent for free in Pokemon Unite.

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Secondly, there is also a new challenge set – Halloween in Mer Stadium. You also earn Pumpkins for completing these.

All of these challenges relate to the limited-time game mode Halloween in Mer Stadium and, luckily, they are pretty easy to complete. You can earn 39 Pumpkins, along with 4 Pumpkin boxes from these challenges.

This means that you can unlock Greedent for free in Pokemon Unite in just a few days if you play enough!

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Pokemon Unite Greedent Stats

Meanwhile, now that Pokemon Unite is on two platforms, players are wondering which is the best. Is Pokemon Unite Better on mobile or Nintendo Switch?

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