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How to Unlock Glider – All Traversal Tools in Gotham Knights

Here’s how you can unlock the Glider and all other traversal tools in Gotham Knights, to make getting around the city easier.

Gotham Knights is finally out, and players are quickly getting frustrated with the game’s movement system. Unlike in the Arkham franchise, we don’t have a universal glider to fly around the city right from the get-go, which can make maneuvering around Gotham a pain.

Thankfully, you can unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights relatively early on, to speed things up somewhat.

But for those shorter journeys, getting your hands on a character’s traversal tool is a must. And whether it’s the glider, a mystical mid-air jump, or even a teleport, here’s how to unlock all traversal methods in Gotham Knights:

How to Get the Glider in Gotham Knights

To unlock the Glider in Gotham Knights, you’ll need to play as Batgirl and complete her 3 Knighthood challenge objectives:

Once this is done, simply return to the Belfry and interact with Batman’s cowl to unlock the Glider.

Batgirl in Gotham Knights

How to Use the Glider

When exploring Gotham as Batgirl (and having completed her Knighthood challenges) hold RT/R1/Space in the Air to use the Glider.

You can also press B/Circle/CTRL to dive and pick up speed before leveling out and gliding for a long distance.

But since only Batgirl can unlock the Glider in Gotham Knights, how do the other Bat Family members get around the city?

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How to Unlock All Traversal Tools in Gotham Knights

To unlock a character’s traversal tool, you’ll need to complete all 3 Knighthood challenges with each hero, then return to the Belfry and interact with Batman’s cowl.

Here’s a full breakdown of every step of the process:

Knighthood Challenges Gotham Knights

Timed Strike Training

To begin Timed Strike Training, simply head to the training dummy in the Belfry, found close to where you change characters in Gotham Knights.

Interact with the dummy and select Advanced Training, then Timed Strikes. Complete this quick training exercise with each character to complete your first Knighthood challenge.

Training Area Gotham Knights

One Step Ahead

The longest of the three challenges, One Step Ahead requires a hero to stop 10 Premeditated Crimes.

What is a Premeditated Crime?

A Premeditated Crime in Gotham Knights is a major crime that has been planned on a previous night. They appear as red triangles on the map, the night after being discovered.

To detect a Premeditated Crime, players can either defeat enemies and pick up the red Question Mark icons they drop, or grab a low-health enemy (RT/R2) and interrogate them when prompted (X/Square).

Only some enemies will have intel available, so stopping 10 Premedited Crimes can be a long process.

Gotham Knights Robin

Against All Odds

Against All Odds tasks each hero with taking down 3 minibosses in Gotham City. These bosses are usually larger enemies, such as the ones wielding shields, and you’ll definitely come across them while stopping Premeditated Crimes.

If you’re having trouble taking them down, try playing as Robin who can unlock a skill that lets him perform stealth takedowns on large enemies for an instant knockout.

All Traversal Tools in Gotham Knights

Glider – Batgirl

Batgirl Glider Gotham Knights

As mentioned above, Batgirl is the only member of the Gotham Knights to make use of a Glider, similar to Batman’s.

Those familiar with the Arkham games will be well-accustomed to this traversal tool, but they might be disappointed to learn that getting your hands on it requires quite the grind.

Flying Trapeze – Nightwing

Flying Trapeze Nightwing Gotham Knights

The Flying Trapeze is a large mechanic glider that’s unique to Nightwing, paying tribute to his time as an acrobat in the Flying Graysons.

This rocket-powered glider makes zooming around the city easier than ever, though it’s generally more for gliding than flying.

Slideways – Robin

Robin Teleport Slideways Treversal Tool

By harnessing the Justice League’s teleportation technology, Robin discovers that he can transport himself over short distances in an instant.

Not only does this make Batman’s most recent sidekick even more slippery, it’s also a great way of getting around in a flash.

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Mystical Leap – Red Hood

Gotham Knights Red Hood Mystical Leap

After being revived in the Lazarus Pit, Red Hood has unlocked some mystical powers including the Mystical Leap ability.

This will let him move around the city with ease by jumping through the air, and can even be used in combat to put some distance between him and his opponents.

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