There are two new Operators to unlock in MW2 & Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded – here’s how to get Gaz and Klaus in-game.

Finally, Call of Duty fans that didn’t spring for the Vault Edition will have a chance to get a Task Force 141 Operator in-game. And not only is Gaz making his debut, but there’s a new face joining the roster in MW2 Multiplayer and Warzone 2 as well.

No matter whether you’ve got your eye on Gaz, Klaus, or both, we’ve got everything you need to know about unlocking the new Operators.

How to Unlock Gaz Operator in MW2 & Warzone 2

Task Force 141’s Kyle “Gaz” Garrick can be unlocked in two ways in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Players can either:

  • Complete the challenging new Atomgrad Special Ops Raid in MW2
  • Purchase Gaz’s exclusive Operator bundle called “Raid Bundle” for 1800 COD Points in the Call of Duty Store

It’s worth noting that completing the Raid will unlock an exclusive ‘Convoy’ skin for Gaz, whereas purchasing the Operator’s bundle will unlock his ‘Aquatic’ appearance.

Gaz Task Force 141

There’s also one more ‘Grass Ops’ Gaz skin up for grabs, but to earn that you’ll need to pay for the Store Bundle and complete the difficult 3-man Raid event.

Speaking of Operators, did you know that Call of Duty’s most Pay to Win skin just got a huge nerf?

Who Is Gaz in Modern Warfare 2?

Kyle Garrick AKA Gaz is a member of Task Force 141, serving under Captain Price. He’s one of the main playable characters in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign and a reliable soldier to have on your team.

Gaz in MW2 & Warzone 2

Gaz appeared in the Modern Warfare 2019 campaign too, though he was only given his codename at the very end of the game, revealing his identity to those who played the original MW2.

Although originally a member of the SAS, Gaz became part of Price’s unit after encountering the Captain during an Al-Qatala attack on Piccadilly. Since then, he’s become a pivotal member of the team, and was responsible for saving CIA officer Kate Laswell in the line of duty.

How to Unlock Klaus Operator in MW2 & Warzone 2

The only way to unlock Klaus Fisker in either MW2 or Warzone 2 is to purchase the “TRACKER PACK: Klaus Operator Bundle” from the Call of Duty in-game store. The Klaus Operator Bundle is expected to release on December 17 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET.

The Operator will not be available for free as there is no way to unlock Klaus via an in-game challenge.

Klaus Tracer Bundle MW2 Warzone 2

Who Is Klaus in Modern Warfare 2?

Klaus Fisker is a member of Denmark’s Elite Special Forces, known as a living legend to his fellow Operators. Rumor has it that his natural scotopic night vision was powerful enough to help Klaus navigate a mile in pitch-black darkness before he was old enough to read.

Klaus in MW2 Warzone 2

Not only does Klaus boast an exceptional training record, he once carried a wounded comrade 18 miles to safety with the help of ‘an unusual amount of chocolate’.

Both Klaus’ name and appearance are references to Santa Claus. The holiday-themed Operator has never been featured before in the Call of Duty franchise.

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