MW2 & Warzone Season 5 is bringing back some classic weapons, with the new FR Avancer being reminiscent of the FAMAS.

The FAMAS or its variants, such as the FFAR from Black Ops Cold War, are highly popular weapons in the Call of Duty universe. So it is understandable players will want to know how to get their hands on it.

Luckily, unlocking this weapon is pretty simple so let’s dive in and discuss how to get the FR Avancer in the game.

How to Get FR Avancer in MW2 & Warzone

The FR Avancer can be unlocked for free in the MW2 & Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass. This Assault Rifle is found in Sector E19.

This will take 35 Battle Pass Tokens to unlock but only 5 Battle Pass Tokens if you buy the BlackCell upgrade.

FR Avancer Warzone

Additionally, if you were unable to find the time to unlock the FR Avancer through the MW2 and Warzone Battle Pass, you can also obtain it by:

  • Extracting from DMZ with the weapon in hand (Currently Bugged)
  • Purchasing a future store bundle containing the gun
  • Completing the required challenge following the end of Season 5

Fastest Way to Unlock the FR Avancer in MW2 & Warzone

The fasted method to access the FR Avancer involves following these unlock routes within the Battle Pass. If you possess the BlackCell upgrade, you can speed up the process of obtaining this weapon

Regular Battle Pass – 35 Tokens

  1. E1
  2. E2
  3. E3
  4. E5
  5. E7
  6. E17
  7. E19

BlackCell 5 Tokens

If you purchase the BlackCell upgrade, you will have instant access to the FR Avancer’s E19 sector. All you will need is 5 Tokens to acquire it.

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