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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights – Fast Bat Drone Locations

Getting across the city in Gotham Knights can be quite difficult, so here’s how to unlock fast travel via the Fast Bat with every Drone location on the map!

Sometimes, you’ll need to get places faster than using a grapple gun or a Batcycle, and fortunately, Lucius Fox has a handy tool for you to use – the Fast Bat.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights

To unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights, players will need to scan Drones around the city to make the airspace safe to fly the Fast Bat. You can start unlocking Fast Travel locations as soon as you begin the Lucius Fox questline.

After finishing the opening tutorial of the game and unlocking multiplayer, players will be able to speak to Lucius Fox in Gotham City.

He can be found with his portrait on the map. Head to him and interact with Lucius, which will unlock the first Drone locations on the map.

How to Find Fast Travel Drones in Gotham Knights

Once you’ve started the storyline with Lucius Fox early in Gotham Knights, you’ll be able to find the first Drone in the Financial District, close to the Belfry.

Hack it, using the instructions below, and you’ll unlock your first fast travel location.

Afterward, you will see more markers on the map appear. The white pins with two arrows pointing down are the locations of more Drones to find and scan. Green pins with the same style are Drones you’ve already hacked.

It may help if you play co-op in Gotham Knights to get these done faster!

All Drone Locations

All Fast Travel Bat Drone locations in Gotham Knights
  • Gotham Heights
  • Bristol
  • West End
  • Bowery
  • Tricorner Island
  • Old Gotham
  • Financial District
  • Southside

How to Hack Drones in Gotham Knights

Drones can be hacked by holding down on the d-pad or ‘X’ on PC and scanning the Drones using the AR function.

Red Hood Hacking Bat Drone in Gotham Knights

You’ll need to keep the box at the center of the screen aimed at the Drone to progress the hack. If it goes too far away or leaves your sight, you’ll need to start scanning it again.

However, there’s another type of Drone that some players may find slightly more difficult.

How to Hack Shielded Drones in Gotham Knights

Players can hack Shielded Drones by waiting for them to land on pads called ‘Docking Stations’ near the Fast Travel point. When they land, their shields will drop.

When the Drone is flying, it’ll have a blue shield effect around it and it won’t be possible to hack it. You’ll need to follow it until it goes to land on a Docking Station pad.

Red Hood hacking shielded bat drone in Gotham Knights

To easily find these pads, you can press down on the d-pad or press ‘X’ on PC to do a quick AR scan. They appear as grey pads on rooftops.

Once you’ve done any Drones in the vicinity, the fast travel point will be unlocked.

If your PC seems to have some performance issues while playing the game, you may need the best settings for performance in Gotham Knights.

How to Fast Travel in Gotham Knights

Players can fast travel in Gotham Knights by opening the Batcomputer (hold the touchpad on PS5, view button on Xbox or F1 on PC). Once here, hover over one of your unlocked fast travel markers, then press X on PS5, A on Xbox, or left-click on PC.

You’ll be taken to a cutscene of your character operating the Fast Bat, before dropping down on the designated location. This can even be done in online multiplayer.

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