Collecting every Schematic is an important part of MWZ as this will help make future deployments easier and here is how to unlock all of them.

Schematics allow you to craft Perks, Weapon Mods, Aetherium and Wonder Weapons. This means you can get the powerful Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe DG-2 before you load into a game!

Every Schematic has a different way to unlock and we have a full table of how to get each one.

How to Unlock All Schematics

Here is a complete table of how to unlock each Schematic in MWZ which was created by Reddit user Ziqd.

Do note, for items that require you to complete a Contract, it is a random chance it is part of the rewards. They are not guarantees.


SchematicRarityHow to Get
Uncommon Aether ToolUncommonComplete Act 1 Tier 3 Mission – Saboteur
Raw Aetherium CrystalEpicComplete a Tier 2 Contract
Rare Aether ToolRareComplete Act 2 Tier 5 Mission – Exterminator
Epic Aether ToolEpicComplete a Tier 3 Contract
Legendary Aether ToolLegendaryDefeat Greylorm, the secret World Boss
Refined Aetherium CrystalLegendaryComplete a Tier 3 Contract
Flawless Aetherium CrystalUltra-RareDefeat Greylorm, the secret World Boss


SchematicRarityHow to Get
Deadshot DaquiriEpicComplete a Tier 1 Contract
Quick ReviveEpicComplete Act 1 Tier 5 Mission – Chaperone
Speed ColaEpicComplete a Tier 1 Contract
Stamin-Up EpicComplete a Tier 1 Contract
Death PerceptionEpicComplete Act 3 Tier 1 Mission – Two Factor Authentication
Elemental PopEpicComplete a Tier 3 Contract
Jugger-NogEpicComplete a Tier 2 Contract
PHD FlopperEpicComplete a Tier 2 Contract
MWZ Perk Schematic

Weapon Mods

SchematicRarityHow to Get
Dead WireRareComplete a Tier 2 Contract
Napalm BurstRareComplete a Tier 1 Contract
Brain RotRareComplete a Tier 1 Contract
Cryo FreezeRareComplete Act 2 Tier 2 Mission – Safecracker
Shatter BlastRareComplete a Tier 2 Contract
MWZ Ammo Mod Schematic

Wonder Weapons

SchematicRarityHow to Get
Ray GunUltra RareComplete a Tier 3 Contract
Wunderwaffe DG-2Ultra RareAct 3 Tier 4 Mission –
ScorcherUltra RareDefeat Greylorm, the secret World Boss
Wonder Weapon schematics


SchematicRarityHow to Get
Aether Blade CaseUltra RareComplete a contract in the Dark Aether
Dog BoneLegendaryComplete a contract in the Dark Aether
Golden Armor PlateLegendaryComplete a contract in the Dark Aether

That is every way to unlock each Schematic in MWZ. So hop into Urzikistan and start grinding to get your hands on them!

You will undoubtedly want to have most of these to take on the Aether Worm Boss!

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