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How To Unlock The E-Tool in Cold War & Warzone Season 2

The E-Tool is the latest melee weapon added to Cold War & Warzone - find out how to unlock it here.

Every season brings new content to both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. This includes maps, operators, and, of course, weapons.

The E-Tool is the latest weapon to come to Cold War and Warzone. Find out what the E-Tool is and the challenge to unlock it in Cold War & Warzone here.

E-Tool Cold War Season 2

What is the E-Tool Melee Weapon?

The E-Tool is the first mid-season weapon to come so far in Season 2. Find out everything else coming in the rest of Cold War Season 2 here.

The in-game weapon description for the E-Tool says:

Military style tri fold entrenching shovel. Typically used to dig a defensive fighting position, but is equally as effective as an ancillary weapon in close quarters combat.

Players can unlock the E-Tool in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone by completing this challenge. At the time of writing, the challenge only appeared in Warzone, but it should be in Cold War soon, if not already.

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Cold War Warzone E-Tool

E-Tool Weapon Challenge in Cold War & Warzone

The challenge to unlock the E-Tool is pretty simple in theory. To save time, players can complete this challenge at the same time as challenges for other melee weapons.

The challenge to unlock the E-Tool is: Using the Knife, kill 3 enemies without dying in 15 different matches.

Cold War Warzone E-Tool Unlock Challenge

Unfortunately, there's not an easy way to complete this challenge. You'll have to get very good with the knife in Cold War multiplayer to unlock the E-Tool.

To make this challenge slightly less difficult, players should probably try to be stealthy and flank behind enemies. Charging at gun-wielding opponents head-on won't end well.

The E-Tool can be unlocked in Warzone, however, we wouldn't recommend attempting this challenge there. This is because getting 3 melee kills without dying is borderline impossible, even in Plunder.

Meanwhile, Black Ops Cold War balancing issues are causing major problems for players. One of the biggest issues is how overpowered the XM4 is in Cold War.

Also, PS Plus members can now claim a free operator skin and blueprints for Cold War & Warzone in the new Combat Pack.

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