There is plenty to explore in the world of Final Fantasy XVI, and traversing through it isn’t too difficult once you’ve found yourself a Chocobo to ride.

Riding a Chocobo will allow you to move through some of the more open areas of Valisthea with more swiftness. But finding this feathery companion is no easy feat.

Finding the Chocobo will require you to adventure through Valisthea, defeat fierce bandits, and reunite with an old companion. Thankfully, we’re here to guide you through every step of the way.

How to Unlock Chocobo Mount

Players will unlock the ability to summon a Chocobo Mount after they complete “The White-Winged Wonder” side quest in FF16, found by speaking to the traveling trader in Martha’s Rest.

It is worth noting that this quest becomes available when you reach “The Gathering Storm” main campaign quest. This is after the second time skip in Final Fantasy 16.

  1. Accept “The White-Winged Wonder” side quest from Rowan in Martha’s Rest.
Traveling Trader FF16
The red square Rowan’s location. The green circle is the location of the hunted Chocobo.
  1. Head to the location of the hunted Chocobo.
  2. Defeat the bandits that are attacking the Chocobo.
  3. Reunite with your old companion, Ambrosia.
Chocobo Mount FF16

After you defeat the bandits, Clive will realize that “Whiteheart” is none other than his old trusty steed, Ambrosia.

Rowan will come to meet you, notice your relationship with Ambrosia, and reward you with a mount so that you can ride with her into battle once more.

From this moment on, Clive will gain the ability to call upon Ambrosia and ride her through the different lands of Velisthea.

Chocobo Quest Location

Players will find the Chocobo quest location by speaking to the Traveling Trader, Rowan, in Martha’s Rest. The quest will reveal itself after beating the main story quest, “Release.”

Progress through the main story until you begin the Black Shield’s storyline with Clive and Jill. After this mission, players will find the Chocobo quest “The White-Winged Wonder” in Martha’s Rest.

Can You Ride Chocobo in FF16?

Yes, players will obtain the ability to summon a Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16 by completingThe White-Winged Wonder” side quest after the second time skip.

But they’ll only obtain a mount they can summon. Players can not ride any wild Chocobo they see while adventuring.

It is also not possible to ride a Chocobo in any of the towns of FF16. When players enter a town, they will automatically dismount Ambrosia.

How to Ride Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

To ride Chocbo (Ambrosia) in FF16, you’ll need to call her by your side by holding R3 and then pressing X to have Clive mount her.

When you call Ambrosia, she’ll appear near your location but not always in front of you. You can spot her because of the Chocobo icon on the screen.

Call Chocobo Mount FF16

When you’ve mounted Ambrosia, you’ll have access to the following controls:

  • Gallop – Hold R2
  • Rein In – L2
  • Jump – X
    • Players can glide if they hold X after jumping.
  • Kick – Square
  • Dismount – R3

Players can not mount Ambrosia or call for her while inside a town. You’ll know you’re in a town because the Chocobo icon won’t appear on your screen’s right side.

What Happens to Ambrosia?

After the events at Phoenix Gate that sent into motion Final Fantasy 16, Ambrosia finds herself a pack of her own in the southern region of Rosaria and helps traders against bandits.

During the events, Amborisa saves Clive’s life by moving him out of the way as debris fell toward them when the Phoenix appeared.

Ambrosia FF16

She suffers a scar on her eye during that moment, which is how Clive is able to recognize her eighteen years later when they reunite.