There are two different blue dot optics that players can unlock and use in MW2 multiplayer – here’s how you can unlock both of them!

Optics with blue dots are always popular in Call of Duty games and Modern Warfare 2 has 2 different blue dots for players to unlock.

However, due to the new system to unlock weapon attachments, there has been some confusion about how you can actually get a blue dot. Luckily, we’ve got all of the info you need about both of the blue dot sights in MW2!

All Blue Dot Optics in Modern Warfare 2

There are two different optics in Modern Warfare 2 which have a blue dot. They are:

  • Cronen Mini Pro
  • Corio RE-X Pro

Unfortunately, neither of these optics are available to use straight away. This means that players will have to unlock them before they can equip them to their weapons.

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Blue Dot Optics MW2

How to Get Blue Dot in MW2

To get a blue dot reticle in Modern Warfare 2, players must unlock either the Cronen Mini Pro or the Corio RE-X Pro optic. Then they can equip it to their gun.

Unlike past Call of Duty titles, in Modern Warfare 2 you cannot simply change the reticle on any optic to change the dot to blue.

We’ve included steps below to unlock both of these blue dot optics.

How to Unlock Cronen Mini Pro Optic in MW2

To unlock the Cronen Mini Pro blue dot optic in Modern Warfare 2, you need to reach Level 7 with the Expedite 12 Shotgun.

You unlock the Expedite 12 at Rank 12, but it is available to use straight away as part of the Assault – Rusher default class setup.

  • Follow one of these two steps:
    • Reach Rank 12 in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer so you unlock the Expedite 12 and equip it into a custom loadout
    • Hop into a multiplayer match and select the default class Assault – Rusher which has the Expedite 12
  • Use the Expedite 12 until you reach Level 7
  • This will unlock the Cronen Mini Pro optic to use on all weapons
Cronen Mini Pro Blue Dot

How to Unlock Corio RE-X Pro Optic in MW2

To unlock the Corio RE-X Pro blue dot optic in Modern Warfare 2 you need to use the .50 GS handgun until you reach Level 4 with it.

The .50 GS is unlocked at Rank 13 so players can use it from custom loadouts as soon as they reach this rank.

  • Reach Rank 13 in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer
  • Equip the .50GS in a custom loadout
  • Use the .50GS until you reach Level 4
  • This will unlock the Corio RE-X Pro Optic to use on all weapons
Corio RE-X Pro Blue Dot MW2

Why You Should Use a Blue Dot in MW2

The main reason players should use one of the blue dot optics in Modern Warfare 2 is increased visibility. Green and red dot optics can blend into the background, but this doesn’t happen often with blue dots.

Red dots can blend in with brick walls and green dots may not be visible when firing into grass and trees. Meanwhile, blue dots will be visible on almost every surface apart from the sky.

A blue dot optic will make any of the best assault rifle loadouts in MW2 much more accurate!

What is the Best Blue Dot in MW2?

The best blue dot optic in Modern Warfare 2 is the Cronen Mini Pro. This is because it blocks much less of the screen than the Corio RE-X Pro. Despite this, both optics are very clear and can help with target acquisition and tracking a lot.

Now that you have the visibility of your optic sorted, there are a couple more changes you’ll want to make to increase accuracy. First, make sure you have the best controller settings in Modern Warfare 2.

Next, find out how to massively reduce visual recoil in Modern Warfare 2. This will make your screen shake a lot less while firing weapons.

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