Ashika Island has been added as a new DMZ location and players can unlock several new weapon cases. Here is how you can do it:

Of course, in DMZ, there are a ton of A.I soldiers, so while this is possible to complete solo, we recommend having a full squad of players.

Unlike the M13B from Season 1, you don’t need to be the player holding the case while extracting with it. As long as one member of your squad has the briefcase after extracting, the whole squad will get the blueprint.

In Season 2 of DMZ, there is a whole new set of factions missions, but you will need to know how to unlock them!

You can also check out the list of missions and rewards for Season 2 DMZ!

Head to The Castle

  • When you spawn in, we recommend searching around to try to find a three-plate vest from a loot box.
  • Once you are fully geared up, you can head to Tsuki Castle on the map.
Tsuki Castle location

Destroy The Turret & Hack The System

  • Once you arrive at Tsuki Castle, you will need to find and destroy the turret. This vehicle is very powerful, so you will need to take it down as a team or use lots of explosives.
  • You can find it moving around in this area of the castle:
Ashika Island Weapon Case turret location
  • After the turret is destroyed, interact with it and hack the system to gain entry to Tsuki Castle.
Turret for Weapon case

Unlock Castle Entrance

  • After hacking the turret, you will need to head to the main entrance and unlock the door. You can find this entrance on this part of the castle:
Ashika Island Weapon Case entrance location
  • This is how the entrance will look:
Ashika Island Weapon Case entrance
  • Additionally, there are a bunch of cameras set up on the exterior of this building. By destroying them you will limit the number of A.I reinforcements.
  • Next, you will need to make your way upstairs, taking out any A.I. soldiers.
    • Although, you will need to take it extremely slow as some corners and doorways will be set up with explosive equipment such as claymores.
  • On the stairs to the third floor, there will be a tripwire which you will need to disable before finding the Ashika Island weapon case.
Ashika Island Weapon Case tripwire

Disable The Alarm & Acquire Weapon Case From The Bombmaker

  • After the tripwire has been disabled, you will need to take out all the soldiers in the room upstairs.
    • We recommend using the staircase as cover and taking out the trophy system so you can flash or stun.
  • Next, you will need to kill the Bombmaker boss, who is located in this room.
    • Despite being a boss, this A.I soldier is pretty weak and can be killed with a couple bullets to the head.
  • Once he is killed, the case will drop from the Bombmaker, and you will simply need to pick it up. Also, you will need to disable the alarm on the computer.
Weapon case and alarm

Extract From Ashika Island

  • After you have acquired the Ashika Island weapon case, you will need to head to one of the exfil zones on the map.
    • Be careful and move as a team. At this point, every other player will be notified your squad has the case and may try and kill you.
Exfil icon DMZ
  • Once you have exfilled successfully with your squad, you will be granted the weapon case reward.
DMZ Extraction

Rewards for Extracting

There are a total of seven rewards you can earn. These will be earned by extracting the weapon case seven times.

Here is what you will earn for each run:

  1. Backup Plan – P890 Blueprint
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA
  6. TBA
  7. TBA
DMZ Ashika Island Weapon case Reward

Ashika Island is not just a DMZ location, but the brand new Resurgence map as well. This area has a ton of easter eggs, including sea treasure tokens. Find out how to use these tokens!

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