Most PlayStyle+ traits are locked behind level caps in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs, but a glitch has surfaced, allowing you to get any you want without needing to unlock it.

PlayStyles are a brand-new feature in this year’s game and are incredibly important to the meta across all modes. In Pro Clubs, you want to ensure you have the best PlayStyles to guide your team to the Elite Division.

So, let’s dive in and discuss how you can unlock any PlayStyle+ in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs, even if you have not reached the level to obtain it.

How to Get Any PlayStyle+ Glitch in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs

This glitch has been patched in the October 26, 2023 update.

To instantly obtain any PlayStyle+ in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the adjacent trait to your desired PlayStyle+.
    • Make sure the adjacent trait is already unlocked for this to work.
  2. Quickly switch to the PlayStyle+ you want and simultaneously press X on PlayStation / A on Xbox.
  3. Perform these actions swiftly for the glitch to take effect.

You can see the timing you need to use in the video below:

Quick Step+, as seen in the video, is locked at Level 72, but you can equip it utilizing this exploit. It is worth mentioning if you deselect it, you will need to use this method again to get it back.

This glitch is excellent to use to unlock the high-level PlayStyles. This will allow you to gain their benefits much earlier in your progression.

For example, the Quick Step+ trait is unlockable quite late in the game at Level 72. This will require you to earn 156,600 XP throughout the mode to reach.

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