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How to Unlock the 20x Scope in Warzone & Cold War

The 20x scope in Warzone takes long-range sniping to whole new distances.

Sniping has fallen by the wayside in the current Warzone meta. However, with the huge new balancing patch nerfing the DMR, snipers will be able to dominate long-range gunfights again.

What better way to pick off your targets than with a 20x zoom scope? This takes Warzone quite literally further than ever before.

Warzone 20x Scope

The Ultrazoom Custom scope allows players to zoom between 2.0x and 20x so it’s perfect for all ranges. The scope can be unlocked at level 52 for all Cold War snipers, so players might have to grind to unlock it.

Here’s all the quickest ways to earn Weapon XP in Cold War and Warzone.

The scope is also glitched in Warzone at the moment and has absolutely no scope glint even at the highest magnification. This lets players snipe from over 500m away without giving away their position.

If you’re a long-range Warzone sniper, then this 20x scope is a must.

20x Scope Warzone

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Speros showed how powerful the 20x scope can be on the M82 sniper in Warzone. He was able to regularly get snipes from over 300m away.

The scope zooms in so far that it allows players to line up perfect headshots from a ridiculous distance. The only thing players have to account for is some bullet drop, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

From the roof of a house at the top of Dam, Speros managed to Snipe someone sitting on top of Airport. Only the 20x scope lets you get headshots from 681m away so easily in Warzone.

Speros YouTube

Warzone is much more enjoyable now that the DMR has been nerfed and that a fan-favorite mode has finally been reintroduced. However, there are still a number of problems with the game.

Blueprints have been increasing stats for guns, which has led to accusations that Cold War and Warzone are pay-to-win. This makes competitive Warzone come under question even more.

The viability of Warzone as a competitive game has also come under threat following claims that streamers have been cheating by manipulating skill-based matchmaking.

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