The Fuse mechanic in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK introduces a new way for players to approach combat and use their surroundings in their favor.

It places a large emphasis on trial and error since you can use almost anything you find in Tears of the Kingdom to Fuse it with your weapons and shield.

But not every item you fuse with will give you the effect you want. Thankfully, the process to unfuse items in TOTK is relatively straightforward and simple.

How to Unfuse Items in Tears of the Kingdom

Players can unfuse items in TOTK directly from the in-game menu using the “Destroy fused material” option or by paying the NPC Pelison in Tarrey Town 20 rupees to unfuse the items for you.

Using the in-game menu will destroy the material you fused with your weapon/shield. If Goron unfuses your items for you, then you can keep both items intact.

Unfuse Items from In-Game Menu

  1. Bring up your Inventory and highlight the Fused Weapon or Shield you wish to unfuse.
Inventory Menu TOTK
  1. Press “A.”
  2. From the options, choose “Destroy fused material.”
How to Unfuse TOTK
  1. Any item you Fused with the initial item will be destroyed during this process. The only item that will remain is the weapon or shield you used to Fuse with.
    • This means that you will not recover the material you used to Fuse. Thankfully, you’re always able to get more of the items by scavenging through the lands of Hyrule.

Unfuse Items with Pelison in Tarrey Town

  1. Head to Tarrey Town.
    • Tarrey Town is located Northeast of Central Hyrule.
Tarrey Town TOTK
  1. Speak to Pelison.
    • Pelison is wearing a yellow helmet on top of a table near City Square.
  2. Ask him to “Break it down!”
  3. Pay Pelison 20 Rupees and highlight the weapon you want to unfuse.
Pelison Goron TOTK
  1. Your weapon/shield will return to its original state. Any material you use to Fuse will return to your inventory.
  2. This is the best option if you don’t want to lose the material you used to Fuse. But you’ll need to pay 20 rupees each time you wish to unfuse any weapons or shields.

The Fuse mechanic is something that you’ll need to get familiar with as you explore the world of TOTK with Link. There are various Fuse combinations, so get creative and try out different things.

It allows players to come up with new combat methods and increase the durability of their weapons or shield.

This is why it’s great to know how to Unfuse items so that you can return a weapon/shield to its original state if you’re not happy with the outcome of the Fuse.