Turning Squad Fill off or on in Warzone 2.0 is a little complicated as it’s a bit of a hidden feature.

Fortunately, if you were hoping to play just with your friends or even alone, then don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

Of course, before you jump into any game, solo or not, you should first check out the best loadouts in Warzone 2.0 so you are fully prepared.

How to Turn Squad Fill Off/On in Warzone 2.0

To toggle Squad Fill in Warzone 2.0, you must first choose the Warzone 2.0 mode. Then before hitting Start, press R2 on consoles or 2 on PC (alternatively, you can click the Squad Fill button).

It is easy to miss the Squad Fill button as it is hidden, but you’ll find it just beneath the big yellow Start option in tiny greyed-out font.

the Warzone 2.0 menu screen with the Squad Fill Option circled.

How to Turn Squad Fill Off/On in DMZ

To toggle Squad Fill in Warzone 2 DMZ, first select the DMZ mode. Then, toggle the Squad Fill box to the right of the Deploy option.

If you turn it on, you will be paired with random players, and if you toggle it off you’ll be able to play solo or just with your friends.

Can You Play Solo in Warzone 2.0?

Yes, you can play solo in Warzone 2.0. When there is a dedicated Solo mode on the menu, you can simply click on that playlist. When there isn’t a dedicated Solos, you’ll have to go up against other teams of four using the Squad Fill toggle.

a soldier waiting in the plane in Warzone 2.0

How Do You Play Solo in Warzone 2.0?

Whenever there isn’t a dedicated Solo mode in Warzone 2, the only way to play Solo is to turn off Squad Fill. This essentially ensures that no one else can join your team, and you won’t randomly team up with other players.

This works for both the Warzone 2.0 mode and the DMZ mode as well. However, it will be significantly more challenging for you if you play alone in either mode as you are usually up against a whole team.

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