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How to Turn Screen Reader ‘Narrator’ off / on PS5

The PS5 console has officially launched and many users have been complaining about the screen reader accessibility feature.

Several users have already voiced their irritation online because they don’t know how to turn it off.

What Does PS5 Screen Reader Do?

The screen reader narrates the text on the screen. It is an accessibility setting to help users who have impaired sight.

The official PlayStation 5 description states:

The screen reader reads aloud the text on the screen, and provides spoken guidance for operating the console. This works on with some features.

PS5 Settings Dashboard

Reddit user u/blilbz69 seems to already have the PlayStation 5 console set up and claims to have missed the options during the initial set up. It seems without careful attention the default setting for this is to be turned on.

Example of it in action:

Unfortunately, you’ll see this user was looking in the wrong ‘system’ settings area.

This is clearly a useful tool in the right circumstances and has in fact been praised by many users. However, let’s get to how to turn it on or off.

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How To Enable / Disable PS5 Screen Reader

The correct way to turn this ‘narrator’ feature off or on is as follows:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap ‘Accessibility’
  3. Go to ‘Screen Reader’ (2nd from top on the left-hand menu)
  4. At the top, you will then have a switcher to either enable or disable
Enable / Disable PS5 Screen Reader - Settings Area
PS5 Accessibility Settings

Assuming this is enabled by default, upon turning this off the text on the screen will no longer be read aloud.

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