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How to Turn on the Power in Firebase Z – Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ second map is finally here – here’s how to turn on the power in Firebase Z.

If you want to get started on the new Firebase Z map for Cold War Zombies, the first thing you need to do is turn on the power. This is a pretty standard action in every Zombies map, but it’ll be a little trickier in Firebase Z.

The process is a little longer than it was in Die Maschine, and you’re unable to turn things on right away.

Instead, we’ll be making use of the game’s new Aether Reactors to light up the village and Firebase together.

If you’re looking for a Die Maschine guide instead, here’s how to turn on the power in Die Maschine.

How to Turn the Power on in Firebase Z

To turn the power on in Firebase Z Cold War zombies you need to complete the following steps:

  • Firstly, head into the Atrium where Ravenov’s office is located, and talk to him.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Ravenov
  • Then, head back outside to this location in the Courtyard, and open the door next to the Quick Revive Perk machine.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Door 1
  • Head up the stairs and across the balcony, until you get the to Teleporter.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Teleporter
  • Head through and you’ll enter Firebase Z itself. From here, you’ll need to turn on the 3 Aether Reactors.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Door 2
  • The best one to head for first is the Aether Reactor on the left, so open this gate near the Teleporter. Head up the stairs in front of you, until you get to this blue door.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Door 3
  • Inside this building you’ll be able to interact with the first Aether Reactor. Activate it and you’ll be made to protect two Collection Units, by killing nearby undead.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Aether Collector
  • Once the protection mission is complete, the Aether Reactor will pulse to inform you that it’s ready.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Aether Reactor Explode
  • From here, the process becomes extremely simple. You’ll want to follow the Dark Aether arrows on the walls to the next Aether Reactor and repeat the above steps.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Aether Reactor 2
  • Each Reactor will be about 2 doors away, so you’ll need to have a few points to spare.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Aether Reactor 3
  • Once you’ve charged up all 3 Aether Reactors, the map will be powered on!

You’ll now be able to access all that Firebase Z has to offer, and discover the secrets of the new map. What’s more, you can now use the Pack-a-Punch in Firebase Z too.

If you’re having trouble getting the map to play nicely with friends, here’s how to fix Firebase Z crossplay.

Thanks to TheGamingRevolution for this excellent new video guide!

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