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How to Turn Into a Zombie in Warzone Radiation Zones

There’s a new way to return to the glory days of Zombie Royale, thanks to Warzone’s new Radiation Zones.

It’s finally the beginning of the end for Verdansk in Warzone, as new Radiation Zones begin to appear on the map. When players drop into the battle royale, they’ll be greeted with two new damaging zones over Prison and Shipwreck.

It looks as though the undead presence in these areas has led to them becoming heavy in radiation. Now, an ordinary player can’t survive in the location for long, but many users are still curious to check out the new Radiation Zones anyway.

There’s even a new legitimate Infinite Stim glitch appearing in the Radiation Zone areas!

Warzone Radiation Zones
(Source: Activision)

The bad news: there’s no insane loot hiding in there for you to obtain. The good news: there’s a way to actually turn yourself into a zombie in Warzone now.

However, this exciting revelation is being overshadowed by a new OP weapon that’s ruining Warzone completely.

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Warzone Radiation Zones Turn Players Into a Zombie

As it turns out, dying in the Warzone Radiation Zones will turn you into a zombie in the battle royale. And thankfully, you’re not as useless as the other undead either.

When an Operator takes enough damage from the green radiation, your health will reduce to zero and you’ll enter the game once more. As a member of the undead army.

Some reports do indicate that this isn’t possible in Solos, however.

As a zombie, Warzone players have all the abilities that we last saw in the Zombie Royale Halloween mode. They can jump incredible distances, throw a disorientating gas grenade, and even EMP blast to disable electronics and player HUDs.

When you’re a zombie, you’re free to continue your battle royale experience in Warzone. And that’s getting players very curious about whether or not it’s possible to win as a zombie.

Can You Win As a Zombie in Warzone?

Yes, you can win as a zombie in Warzone right now!

If you’re the final player standing or a member of the winning squad, you can take a Warzone Victory even as a zombie. Hilariously, your undead Operator will even appear with a weapon in the final helicopter cutscene.

In this Warzone player’s match, their zombie teammate is even able to get the last hit on an enemy for the win!

Warzone Zombie Win Radiation Zones
(Source: Rob Standley)

Hopefully, this new update means that Warzone players may actually start to care about the zombie invasion. Because up until now, Warzone fans have hated the zombie outbreak for being not only slow, but also a little pointless.

Right now, Zombies are at their final location in Verdansk, ahead of the incoming Warzone nuke release date. Next up, we’ll be seeing this new leaked Warzone cinematic, ahead of a trip to the new map.

Of course, it looks as though the new Warzone map is simply a 1980s version of Verdansk. But at least there are some new POIs on the upcoming battle royale map.

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