The Week 9 quests in Fortnite require players to travel 250 meters of distance using a wind tunnel. However, this often-overlooked feature may not be easy to find for some players.

Fortunately, we’ve got a full guide on locating and using wind tunnels in Fortnite so you can complete the weekly quest.

Where to Find Wind Tunnels Locations in Fortnite

You can find wind tunnels at the Gusty Gorge or Windrush Ravine landmarks in Fortnite. Here is where to find them:

  1. Gusty Gorge is located southwest of Brutal Bastion.
  2. Windrush Ravine can be found between Frenzy Fields and Mega City.
Fortnite map with the locations of Gusty Gorge and Windrush Ravine marked

If you decide to go to Windrush Ravine, you should make sure to check out the Clone Trooper Checkpoint near there to get one of the strongest guns currently in the game.

You’ll know you’ve found a wind tunnel when you spot a stream of wind (indicated by wavy white lines) blowing in one direction. Typically, an orange and white striped flag will point in the wind’s direction.

Wind tunnels will only blow in a singular direction. So, if you try and approach it from the opposite direction, you’ll get stuck in place.

Make sure you jump into it facing the direction the wind is blowing to successfully travel through it and beat the quest.

The wind tunnel at Windrush Ravine in Fortnite

Travel 250 Distance in Wind Tunnels Fortnite Guide

To travel 250 meters in wind tunnels in Fortnite, follow these simple instructions:

  • Jump or glide into the wind tunnel near Gusty Gorge or Windrush Ravine.
  • You will automatically fly through the wind tunnel.
  • Keep going until you’ve hit 250 meters.
  • Control which direction you’re facing to avoid hitting any walls or objects.
the player gliding through a wind tunnel in Fortnite

The wind tunnels at both Gusty Gorge and Windrush Ravine are long enough to glide through and hit 250 meters.

All you will need to do once in the wind tunnel is ensure you avoid any obstacles. If you hit something, you may be ejected from the wind current.

However, it is important to note that you don’t need to travel 250 meters in a single attempt. If you get knocked out of the wind tunnel, try again, and the distance you travel will be added to your total goal.

Once you’ve completed the quest and successfully traveled 250 meters using a wind tunnel, you’ll be given 12,000 XP.

Of course, as Gusty Gorge and Windrush Ravine will now be hotly contested locations, you may want to bring the best weapons in Fortnite to ensure the area is cleared before you complete the Week 9 quest.

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