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How to Transfer Save Data to Switch OLED From Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite

Find out how to transfer all of your user and save data from your old Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite to your new Switch OLED console.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is finally here, but it’ll take a while to set everything up. After all, you don’t want to leave all of your save data behind on your old console.

Luckily, you can transfer all of your data from your old Switch to your new Switch OLED without too much hassle. Although, there are quite a few steps to make this happen.

You’ll need to have a Nintendo Account to transfer the data and will also want to update your Switch system software to the latest update to make sure this process goes smoothly.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start the data transfer process to your new Switch OLED.

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Switch OLED

How to Send Users, Games & System Data to a New Nintendo Switch OLED Console

The Switch OLED sold out almost instantly, so there will be plenty of Nintendo fans who are eager to get going on their new system.

You’ll want to follow these steps to transfer your system data from an original Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite to your new Switch OLED console:

  • From the HOME Menu on both your old and new Switch consoles, go to System Settings
  • Again, on both consoles, go down to ‘Users’ and select ‘Transfer Your User Data’ and click ‘Next’ twice
  • On your old Switch, select ‘Source System’ and then continue
  • On your new Switch OLED, select ‘Target System’ and then continue
  • Sign in to your Nintendo Account on Switch OLED
  • Go back to your old Switch and wait until the ‘Target Console’ has been found.
  • Your data will begin to transfer from your old Switch to the new Switch OLED console
  • Click ‘End’ once the process is complete
  • Download any of your games from the Nintendo eShop on your new Switch OLED

These steps will also come in handy if the rumored 4K Nintendo Switch Pro releases in the future.

And the process is that simple! Once you’ve followed these steps, all of your data will be transferred to your new Switch OLED.

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In other Nintendo news, the final Smash Bros Ultimate fighter has just been unveiled. It’s sad that there won’t be any more, but Nintendo couldn’t have picked a better character to end on!

Also, the new Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer revealed Noble Pokemon, alongside some other great features. This will look great on the improved Switch OLED Screen.

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