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How to Transfer Games to a PS5 External Hard Drive

In PlayStation’s latest update, Sony has made it possible to transfer games to your PS5 external hard drive. Here’s how to do it:

Even before launch, gamers have been complaining about the PS5’s low internal storage capacity. Despite a super-fast SSD making PS5 games load up lightning-fast, it’s no good if you can’t fit more than a couple on your console.

And with games like Black Ops Cold War and Warzone accounting for most of your hard drive space at this point, it’s important to make use of external storage too. But up until now, it’s been tricky to get your games from your internal to external drive.

PS5 restock
(Source: Sony)

Now, PlayStation is making the whole process easier than ever before. In PS5 update Version: 21.01-03.00.00, there’s now a new way to store your games.

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How to Transfer PS5 Games to External Drive for Storage

If you want to store your PS5 games on an external drive for additional storage, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, find the game you want to move on your home screen or library.
  • Plug in an external storage device via USB, if you haven’t already.
  • Open the options menu, and select Move to USB Extended Storage.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete.

However, if you want to play your PS5 games that are on your extended storage, you’ll need to transfer them back to the console. Thankfully, copying games back over if faster than reinstalling them from the disc or redownloading them from a store.

To return the game to your console, find it in your library and hit options. Here you’ll find the choice to move your game to console storage.

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(Source: Sony)

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(Source: PlayStation)

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