Even though Hisui is a land lost in time, Pokemon trading is still possible in Legends Arceus!

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been a tremendous success. Since its launch, the game gained traction as reviews came in highlighting many positive aspects of the game.

Aside from critical success, Legends Arceus also became a big hit regarding sales. Just a few days after launch, sales data revealed Pokemon Legends Arceus is the second best-selling Nintendo Switch game.

Most of the positive comments about the game come from the fact that the formula of the game has been reimagined for the first time.

Even in Legends Arceus, one thing that remains constant is the possibility of trading Pokemon with your friends!

Graveler Pokemon Trade Legends Arceus

Where to Trade Pokemon Online & Local in Legends Arceus

You can trade Pokemon with your friends locally or online in Legends Arceus by talking to Simona in Jubilife Village.

Simona is the shop owner that is in front of the Training Grounds. Her sales stand also has a Togepi flag, so you can not miss it!

To trade Pokemon locally or online with friends in Pokemon Legends Arceus, follow these steps:

  • *Go to Jubilife Village and talk to Simona
  • Select the “I want to trade Pokemon” option
  • If you can to trade locally with friends, select the “Someone nearby” option
  • For online Pokemon trading in Legends Arceus select the “Someone far away” option
  • For both types of trade, your Nintendo Switch requires you to enter an 8-digit code, make one up and make sure you and your friend enter the same code
  • Once you connect with your friend, the Pastures boxes will show up, simply select the Pokemon you want to trade and select “Offer up”
  • The game shows what you are offering and what you are getting in the trade, if the trade is okay with you, select “Trade it”

You should now have successfully traded a Pokemon!

*Remember that Simona also trades your MP points for valuable items in her shop!

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Simona Pokemon Legends Arceus

Due to the tremendous success of Pokemon Legends Arceus, it would be very reasonable to believe Nintendo might already be working on DLC.

According to recent leaks, an upcoming DLC could add up to 158 Pokemon in Legends Arceus.

Lastly, a datamine also revealed Mega Evolutions could be coming to Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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