Key Points
Completion Time:
2-3 Minutes
20,000 XP

There is no better way to show appreciation to the Fortnite Battle Bus driver than to say thank you. After all, they do drop off 100 people into the Island on each journey.

While it is always a nice thing to express gratitude, there is now an even more significant incentive to do so, as thanking the driver is part of a new Fortnite Week 3 quest.

You will also need to search a chest so you can earn the 20,000 XP this challenge offers. If you are unsure how to show your appreciation, do not worry; this article will tell you how to say thank you.

How to Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

Thanking the bus driver in Fortnite is easy and requires only the press of a button before jumping:

  • PlayStation & Xbox: Up on the D-Pad
  • PC: B on the keyboard

Once completing this simple step, a message confirming you have thanked the bus driver will pop on the left.

Search & Open a Chest – Complete Week 3 Quest

Once you have thanked the driver, land anywhere on the map to search for a chest. Open the chest, and you will be closer to earning the 20,000 XP.

These two steps must be completed three times in separate games before you move on to the next stage for this Week 3 quest.

To finish this challenge quickly, thank the bus driver, search for a chest and then leave the game immediately.

Thank Bus Driver in Fortnite
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