Shiny Pokemon are a huge part of Scarlet and Violet, but finding them has been made significantly more challenging.

Of course, before you try and search for shiny Pokemon yourself, make sure you know how to increase shiny odds in Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet first.

How to Tell if a Pokemon Is Shiny in Scarlet & Violet

You can tell if a Pokemon is shiny in Scarlet and Violet by checking if it is a different color. For example, Lechonk typically has black fur, but its shiny form is pink.

Additionally, once you start battling you will notice a sparkle with stars around the Pokemon. The sparkle is really quick, lasting less than a second, so pay attention.

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In previous games, such as Legends Arceus, a sound would play when a shiny Pokemon appeared. However, nothing like that exists in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Increase Shiny Odds in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Unfortunately, identifying shinies isn’t particularly easy to do in Scarlet and Violet, as Pokemon tend to appear quite small in the overworld. Therefore, without any other indicators, it is very easy to miss a shiny.

Additionally, this has affected some colorblind users as well, who have reported a struggle with identifying shiny Pokemon.

a shiny Lechonk in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Make Finding Shiny Pokemon Easier in Scarlet & Violet

You can make finding shiny Pokemon in the wild easier by familiarizing yourself with what non-shiny variants look like via your Pokedex.

To open your Pokedex:

  • Press the – button when not in a menu to open the Pokedex directly.
  • Alternatively, press Y to open the map.
  • Then press X and select Pokedex from the drop-down menu with A
the map in scarlet and violet showing the option to open the Pokedex

Additionally, you can increase your odds of finding shiny Pokemon. It won’t make spotting them in the wild any easier, but it can make them appear more.

There are a few ways of doing this, such as:

To make all of these steps a little easier and more convenient, it will help to know how to fast travel in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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