If your camera and Pokemon are ready, here’s how to take Snapshots in Pokemon GO!

While Pokemon GO is primarily about catching creatures and competing in battles, there’s plenty of other content in the game.

In fact, one of the main selling points of the popular game is the Augmented Reality, or AR, mechanics. This is the closest to having Pokemon in the real world!

For those wanting to show off their favorites, or take a picture of a wild Pokemon in a new location, you can take Snapshots in-game. But how can you do this?

How to Capture Snapshots in Pokemon GO

There are 3 methods of taking Snapshots in Pokemon GO. Snapshots of each of the following Pokemon types are slightly different:

  • Wild Pokemon
  • Pokemon in your Storage
  • Your Buddy Pokemon

How to Take Snapshots of Wild Pokemon

  • Find any wild Pokemon and tap on it
  • Once the Poke Ball appears, tap the camera icon at the top
  • Where the Poke Ball was before, press the camera button at the bottom of the screen
  • After taking the Snapshot, you can either keep it or discard it
    • To keep the Snapshot, press on the tick in the bottom right
    • To discard the Snapshot, tap the bin icon in the bottom left
Screenshot Guide of how to take Snapshots of Wild Pokemon in Pokemon GO

You should use Incense or Lure Modules to find more wild Pokemon, but if you’re short on money, here’s how to get Pokecoins fast in Pokemon GO.

How to Take Snapshots of Pokemon in Your Pokemon Storage

  • Tap the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Press the Pokemon Icon in the Poke Ball menu
  • Tap on a Pokemon of your choice
  • Press the camera icon in the top right of the screen
  • Locate a set of yellow footprints on the ground, then tap on them
  • Your Pokemon will then appear. Press the camera button at the bottom to take a Snapshot
Sceenshot guide on how to capture snapshots of Pokemon through Storage in Pokemon GO

How to Take Photos of Your Buddy Pokemon

  • Tap your Trainer icon in the bottom left of the screen
  • Press on your current Buddy Pokemon
  • Tap the Play! button
  • Find a set of yellow footprints on the ground, then tap on them
  • Your Buddy will then appear. Press the camera button at the bottom to take a Snapshot
Pokemon GO Screenshot Guide on taking Snapshots of your Buddy

What Are Surprise Photobomb Encounters in Pokemon GO?

Surprise photobomb encounters are when an unexpected Pokemon turns up in one of your snapshots. After they appear in a snapshot, you will be able to catch them.

On a normal day, the Pokemon that will photobomb your Snapshots is Smeargle. If Smeargle photobombs your pictures, it will appear on the map as a wild Pokemon after, meaning you can catch it. This is the only way to catch Smeargle.

Smeargle in Pokemon GO

During most events, another Pokemon will become a Surprise Encounter and may photobomb your Snapshots. After this, you’ll be able to catch them, similar to Smeargle.

For example, in Community Days in Pokemon GO, the featured Pokemon may photobomb any of your Snapshots.

Of course, you may want to power up any of these surprise encounter Pokemon, so here’s how to get Candy fast in Pokemon GO!