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How to Take and Score Penalties in FIFA 23

Sometimes games in FIFA 23 will come down to penalties, and you’ll need to know the best way to score them if you hope to win.

The worst way to lose is to leave it all on the pitch with your best tactics and have it come down to penalties, only for you to miss an important shot.

Well, thankfully, this guide will give you the best strategy to score all the penalties you need in FIFA 23. But first, you need to understand the biggest changes to penalties in FIFA 23.

How to Take Penalties in FIFA 23

Penalties in FIFA 23 have changed to introduce a more fluid system that rewards great timing and smart aiming.

  • There is a circle around the ball that appears to expand and then shrink. This is called the Composure Ring. When expanded, it’ll appear red, and when condensed, it will appear green and just barely be visible under the ball.
FIFA 23 Composure Ring
The new FIFA 23 Composure Ring Mechanic
  • Use the Left Stick to aim your shot. You do not need to hold this, simply aim it in the direction you want to shoot.
    • In FIFA 23, your aim is fixed, so you won’t need to worry about your shot recentering once you let go of the Left Stick.
  • When you are ready to shoot, press O/B.
  • Your aim is to time your when the Composure Ring is green and small.
  • When you press O/B the ring will freeze and this will be set.
  • If you press it as the red Composure Ring is visible, then the ball will go flying over the goal.

How to Score Every Penalty in FIFA 23

To score every penalty in FIFA 23, you need to time your shot with the green circle and use full power while aiming slightly to the right or left.

  • When the circle appears, wait until it turns green and is barely visible, and hold O/B until it goes full power.
    • Don’t worry about the ball going over the goal. If you time the Composure Ring correctly, then the ball’s trajectory will always be inside the goal as long as you aim it correctly, no matter how much power you apply.
  • With the Left Stick, aim slightly right or left.
    • You don’t want to overpush your analog sticks, though. If you aim too far right or too far left, then the ball will hit the crossbar or go slightly off the goal.
    • Just move the Left Stick for about 1-2 seconds and let go.

This will create a very powerful shot that is hard to see and almost impossible to block unless your opponent dives ahead of time.

If you’re looking for players that can help you obtain penalties in the box, then try using one of the meta Lengthy players.

These players are strong and tall, so it’s easy to win a ball in the box and remain physical to force your opponent to make a mistake.

You might want to invest in one of the best strikers in the game to add to your team to get some accurate and powerful shooting in your penalties!

Attributes & Stats That Affect Penalties

There are also certain player attributes that will affect how well a penalty is taken. The stats you need to keep an eye out for include:

  • Composure Attribute – This affects how fast the Composure Ring will shrink and expand. The higher the Composure Attribute, the higher the window for a perfect shot.
  • Shot Precision Penalty Attribute – This affects how well you place your shot when you successfully time your shot with the Composure Ring.
  • Shot Power Attribute – The higher this stat, the more potent your shot can be without the risk of it flying over. Players with a high Shot Power Attribute can shoot cannons at the goal without worry.

Best Penalty Takers in FIFA 23

The best penalty takers in FIFA 23 are all ICONs. We’ll split up the ICONs and standard players for a better understanding. The penalty stat for each player is listed.

The higher the penalty stat, the easier penalties will be and the higher margin of error you will have before missing.

Penalty Stats – Icons:

  1. Ronald Koeman (Prime Icon) – 97
  2. Dennis Bergkamp (Prime Icon) – 96
  3. Ronald Koeman (Base Icon) – 96
  4. Eusébio (Mid Icon) – 95
  5. Lothar Matthäus (Prime Icon) – 95
  6. Ronald Koeman (Mid Icon) – 95
  7. Alan Shearer (Prime Icon) – 94
  8. Alessandro Del Piero (Prime Icon) – 94
  9. Dennis Bergkamp (Prime Icon) – 94
  10. Eusébio (Prime Icon) – 94

You may be wondering why Icons have more than one version, in FIFA 23 they have 3 versions. To learn more, find out everything you need to know about Icons in FIFA 23.

Penalty Stats – All Other Cards:

  1. Landon Donovan (Hero) – 93
  2. Harry Kane (Normal) – 92
  3. Raúl Jiménez (Normal) – 92
  4. Hidetoshi Nakata (Hero) – 92
  5. Olivier Giroud (In-Form) – 92
  6. Neymar Jr (Normal) – 91
  7. Max Kruse (Normal) – 91
  8. Andrej Kramarić (Normal) – 91
  9. Mario Balotelli (Normal) – 91
  10. Antonio Di Natale (Hero) – 91
  11. Luis Muriel (In-Form) – 91

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