MWZ (AKA MW3 Zombies) has both a first and third-person mode to play in, and you can switch between them instantly.

If you’ve ever fancied playing Call of Duty Zombies in third-person, Modern Warfare 3 finally makes your dream a reality.

This is the first time the undead survival mode has ever been playable in third-person, though we’re not sure how many fans have really been calling out for the feature’s addition.

How to Switch Between First and Third-Person

To switch between first and third-person mode in MW3 Zombies:

  • Controller: Hold Down on the D-Pad
  • Mouse & Keyboard: Press Esc to open the menu and select ‘Switch to First/Third Person.’
Modern Warfare 3 Zombies How to Switch to First or Third-Person

Those on controller can switch between the two POVs far more easily, but Mouse & Keyboard players will be happy to hear that it’s possible on PC too.

Unfortunately, there does appear to be one clear issue with the third-person feature at present…

Don’t Lose Your Head

Sometimes when hopping into third-person mode, you may find that your character’s head is missing.

The issue doesn’t actually appear to be related to the presence of third-person mode, as your character will appear headless to other players even when you’re in first-person.

Missing a Head in MWZ Zombies Third Person Mode
Credit: jackfrags

However, it’s certainly a little immersion-breaking for those hoping to enjoy some over-the-shoulder gameplay in MW3 Zombies.

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