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How to Switch Characters in Gotham Knights & Who Should You Choose First

In Gotham Knights, you can play as Robin, Nightwing, Bat Girl, and Red Hood, but fans are wondering whether you can switch between them seamlessly throughout.

Fortunately, developer WB Games Montréal has thought of everything and has given fans a nice and easy way to play as each of these characters.

If you’re playing on PC and want to make the most of exploring Gotham City as these iconic comic book heroes, then make sure to have the best settings to maximize your frame rate in Gotham Knights.

Can You Switch Characters in Gotham Knights?

Yes, you can switch between any of the four main characters, Red Hood, Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl throughout the story mode in Gotham Knights.

While people playing co-operatively can share the heroes with a friend, solo players can switch between them all.

Of course, sharing the characters with a friend will make things a lot easier. So, make sure you know how to play multiplayer in Gotham Knights before starting.

Red Hood from Gotham Knights with a series of his attributes listed in the top right

You’ll start out by selecting which of the four characters you want to be. Then you will be able to switch to any of the other three after a brief period of time.

How to Switch Characters in Gotham Knights

Switching characters in Gotham Knights is incredibly easy and only requires you to head back to the game’s hub world, the Belfry.

Simply follow these steps and you’ll be switching characters in no time:

  • Travel to the Belfry at any point
    • You can fast travel there by accessing the map using F1 key on PC, the View Button on Xbox, or the Touchpad on PlayStation
    • Or travel there yourself in the open-world
  • Once there, head to the front left corner of the Belfry, to the left of the Batcomputer
  • You should see the four different outfits of each hero
  • Go to the hero’s outfit you want to switch to, and hold E (on PC), A (on Xbox), or X (on PlayStation)
on the left is a map of Gotham City and on the right is Jason Todd looking at the costumes of each character in Gotham Knights

If you want to get between the Belfry quickly each and every time, then you should make sure you know how to unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights first.

Which Character is Best to Choose First?

The best character to choose in Gotham Knights is the one that fits your typical combat playstyle, and this is how each of the characters control:

  • Red Hood – Red Hood is more focused on combat and brute strength. He uses his guns to clear out enemies at mid-range, and his fists to decimate nearby opponents
  • Robin – Robin is more stealth-focused, relying on his gadgets and agility to take down enemies from the shadows
  • Batgirl – Batgirl is the most balanced character as she can deftly defeat enemies with both gadgets and weapons
  • Nightwing – Nightwing is perhaps the most agile, bouncing around the battlefield as fast as possible making him an extremely difficult target to hit
Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing standing on a rooftop in Gotham Knights

Regardless of who you choose to play as initially, you will play the same first level with slightly different dialogue.

Do You Need to Play As Every Character in Gotham Knights?

No, you do not need to play as every character in Gotham Knights, however, for the best possible experience, it is recommended that you try out each of the four characters.

You can absolutely play the entire game as just Red Hood, Batgirl, Robin, or Nightwing if you want. It’s understandable to do that, as you may gel with one hero’s fighting style over the others.

However, to fully appreciate everything Gotham Knights has to offer, you should probably play as the other heroes. At the very least, try them out once or twice.

Are Skill Points Shared Across Characters?

Skill points are shared across all four of the characters in Gotham Knights, meaning if you want to switch to playing as Nightwing, you can utilize any points you gained as another character on his skills.

As switching characters is a fundamental part of the game, it makes sense to share skill points across the characters.

the skill tree menu from Gotham Knights

Those who are worried they’ll have to grind each character to make them playable can put their fears to rest. With this system, each character can be leveled up equally.

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